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September 17, 2021

Viorica Dancila wants to call Angela Merkel to discuss construction of Volkswagen plant in Romania

Outgoing Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Monday that she will call Angela Merkel to discuss the construction of a Volkswagen plant in Romania.

“I will try to have a phone conversation (with Angela Merkel – editor’s note). I will do everything possible to bring this investment to Romania. I know how important it is for my country. (…) I’m now trying to initiate this conversation, but if the President went to the Council and said that in fact we no longer matter, European leaders who have a different approach will probably take this into account. He said that a Premier-designate is more important than an acting Premier. I find that unbelievable… how can one make such a statement. I believe all these things, personal approaches, cost Romania. I will initiate a discussion with Mrs Merkel. I will ask the minister to go to Germany, in order to discuss the relocation to Romania. We will fight,” Viorica Dancila stated on Monday for DCNews.ro.

Viorica Dancila accuses PNL MEPs of not backing the construction of a Volkswagen plant in Romania and claims that Manfred Weber, the leader of the EPP group, sent the company a letter in which he shows support for the construction of a plant in Bulgaria.

“Romania and the other member states must be treated equally. We must represent Romania with dignity. I would have expected the President to have an attitude favourable to Romania within the Council where he meets Mrs Merkel, in Brussels, [where he meets] the party whips, the President of the Commission. But we see this didn’t happen,” Viorica Dancila added.


Orban: Volkswagen’s decision to be taken on basis of economic reasons, not political reasons


Asked for his comments on the letter that EPP group leader Manfred Weber sent to the EC, backing the opening of a Volkswagen plant in Bulgaria, PNL leader Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that a political party has no way of interfering with the economic decisions that companies take. Orban emphasised that if such a piece of information exists then it is false information.

“The decision that any company takes is a decision that the company’s leadership takes, and it is taken not out of political reasons but out of economic, business reasons, based on the conditions that one country or another offers to an investor. There is no possibility on the part of any political party to interfere with the economic decisions that companies take,” Ludovic Orban stated when asked for his comments on information regarding the letter sent by the EPP group.

He said he has no information in this regard.

“I do not have such information. If this information exists, it is false. I know very well how large companies work at European level, even more so in Germany. No political reason could stand at the basis of such a decision,” the Premier-designate pointed out.


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