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October 5, 2022

Ponta: Pro Romania will not vote for PNL Government investiture. PM–designate Orban: I expected Pro Romania not to endorse Gov’t

Pro Romania will not vote for the investiture of the National Liberal Party (PNL) government, announced, on Wednesday, the chair of the party, Victor Ponta.

“It was no surprise that we, those with Pro Romania, will not vote for the investiture of the PNL Government. I don’t believe it was a surprise for Mr. Orban, simply because we are a new party that is growing. We are the only party that, at this moment, is still defending the interests of people, of those who are center-left. Unfortunately, the PSD [Social Democratic Party], as you saw, has degenerated in a clientelist – illiterate group and, at this moment, we will support a government only when we are convinced that projects of competency, of professionalism, of interest for our center-left electorate are guaranteed and represented,” said Ponta, at the end of the meeting with the PM-designate, Ludovic Orban.


Prime Minister –designate: I expected Pro Romania not to endorse Gov’t


Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban stated on Wednesday that he expected for Pro Romania not to endorse the new Government, but he finds it hard to understand this party’s attitude, which voted for the censure motion.

“I didn’t have great expectations. On the other hand, I find it hard to understand this attitude. On the one hand, you vote for a censure motion, for the toppling of the Dancila Government and, on the other hand, you don’t participate in the investiture of a Government which shall replace the Dancila Government. It’s a contradiction in attitudes, but the occurrence of some contradictions in public attitudes is not surprising. Obviously, I confess that I expected this standpoint. This doesn’t mean that the chances of succeeding in investing the Government don’t stand. We continue the negotiations with independent MPs, with MPs in different situations. Moreover, we carry out individual discussions with MPs from the PSD [the Social Democratic Party]. Obviously, we don’t carry out any institutional negotiation with the PSD, we have nothing to discuss with the PSD, our goal is to remove from power the remains of this toxic Government, which does something improper everyday and which destroys the public systems, commits expenses for which there is no coverage, establishes its political clientele in offices,” Orban stated after the meeting with Pro Romania Chairman Victor Ponta, at the Palace of Parliament.

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