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April 11, 2021

Congratulatory message of Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Czech Republic’s National Day: Few nations across Europe strengthened their ties through difficult times in history, as did the Romanians and the Czechs

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to congratulate the people of the Czech Republic as they celebrate the 101st anniversary of their National Day, on October 28. At this date, the Czech Republic is marking a cornerstone in its nation building process, as those days in 1918 proved to fulfill the long-awaited desire to establish an independent and democratic state.

Few nations across Europe strengthened their ties through difficult times in history, as did the Romanians and the Czechs. Many moments stand proof for the sincere friendship and for the struggle to reach common ideals. Romania’s important contribution to the liberation of the Czech regions in 1945 and Bucharest’s strong opposition to the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Treaty armies, are most relevant fragments of history defining the special and profound friendship between our countries and peoples.

2019 marks also the 25th celebration of The Treaty for Friendship and Cooperation between Romania and the Czech Republic, thus complementing the shared core values, principles and interests.

Romania and the Czech Republic are important partners in the European Union and allied countries within NATO. This multilateral framework adds substance to our very rich bilateral cooperation in various fields: national policies, economics, education, energy security, defense, just to name a few examples. We strongly believe in an increased dynamic of the political dialogue, and the recent Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU actively stimulated our bilateral relationship.

At the same time, we might be proud by the steady growth of bilateral trade, exceeding an all-time high of over 4 billion Euro during 2018. There are also many economic cooperation opportunities still unexplored, and boosting Romanian-Czech economic relations represents a joint priority. We see that the positive example set by a large presence of important Czech companies on the Romanian market triggered a constructive response for increasing investments in Romania. On the other hand, we seek to encourage Romanian companies to identify more investment opportunities throughout the Czech market and, furthermore, to jointly seek innovative ways of entering and working together on other markets.

Beyond special political and economic ties, deeply rooted in history, a real driving force of the Romanian – Czech bilateral relation was, and will always be, the very strong people-to-people network. The members of the communities, the people who live among us, the Czechs in the west of Romania and other areas of our country and the Romanians in the Czech Republic play an active role in making the bonds between the two countries even more solid. The authorities in Bucharest and in Prague need to encourage even further the strong desire of these communities in order for them to serve as real promoters of our bilateral relationship.

As Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the Czech nation founder, set out in his time to promote the right democratic principles, respect for human rights, or the freedom of expression, we all ought to still dedicate ourselves to preserve the powerful aspirations that our two nations cherish.

On the National Day of the Czech Republic, we join in celebrating this special day and convey our most genuine wishes for success, prosperity and welfare to the Czech people.

Happy National Day!

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