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Maarif Foundation and the International Maarif Schools of Bucharest

The doors of the International Maarif Schools of Bucharest (IMSB) officially opened in September 2019. The first register of students brought together 234 pupils from various countries, proudly wearing turquoise for the academic year 2019-2020. The teaching staff is no less diverse, with 29 educators of different nationalities and cultures attending to their educational needs.

The IMSB is a school affiliated with the Turkey Maarif Foundation, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, as a Cambridge Curriculum school. The teaching language is English and formal lessons are accompanied by interactive facilities such as computer and science laboratories, robotics coding workshops, in addition to logo-maker design classes and a mind games unit. The educational infrastructure in the classrooms is supported by the latest technology, with internet-based interactive whiteboards among the cutting-edge perks. The teacher body comprises of educators specialised in their fields and able to teach English-language courses. Training activities are enriched and diversified through in-class and extracurricular activities. Participation in various national sports events and competitions, visits to places of educational value throughout the country are also part of the training program. National participation in the planning and construction of the scientific point game at international level, in cooperation with the Maarif Schools in Turkey and other countries, is also on the agenda.

A wholesome education begins with a well-founded pre-school education at IMSB. The kindergarten consists of three grades, respectively for children from 3 to 6 years of age. Along with English as the language of education, pupils receive native language education in Romanian, Turkish and Arabic. The furnishings have been selected with a view to ensure the safety and health of children, are supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure and enriched with high-quality materials both inside and outside the classroom. A healthy physical and mental development is promoted through various sports activities, and children benefit from three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and a snack – carefully prepared under sanitary conditions in order to ensure a healthy nutrition. The kindergarten also has ancillary support units, such as a sleeping room and a games’ room.

Primary education, one of the basic stages of education at IMSB, is also offered at an advanced level. Pupils receive basic education in spacious, welcoming and technologically-advanced facilities. The language of education is English and Romanian, and Turkish and Arabic language classes are also provided. The children are prepared for life with the help of expert classroom teachers, by constantly improving their personal and physical development. Physical education, computer science, foreign language and robotics coding courses are amongst the classes offered by specialised teachers. At the end of the day, pupils can take part in various club activities, from intensive English to sports.

Education activities at IMSB are supplemented by school trips. Close relations are maintained with sister institutions, with whom trips, visits and various joint activities are organised. Throughout the school semester, extra-curricular activities are frequently carried out in order to support the students’ knowledge and awareness of their physical environment.

Participation in social events is encouraged so that children can explore the meaningful connection with their social surroundings. For instance, our recent participation in a Romanian national team’s soccer competition was not only an invaluable experience for the children, but also an unprecedented opportunity to bond with the parents. Our pupils’ recent participation in a marathon supported by the Regional Directorate of Education was also of value in terms of instilling consciousness for health in children.

In order to help children acquire reading habits, meticulous studies are carried out at IMSB. The capacity of the library is being enriched day by day with the addition of English, Romanian, and Turkish resources. To this end, special library classes are offered at all levels, whereby with the help of an attendant, pupils learn to use the library as a place to read, research and borrow books. The kindergarten and primary school classes entail reading, listening to fairy tales, and storytelling. Besides, the digital library is also a useful tool for pupils looking to research and prepare for their courses.

The infirmary unit at IMSB monitors and maintains the children’s healthcare, and can intervene immediately in case of any unwanted accidents or incidents on-campus during school activities. An expert health staff is permanently at the infirmary unit, in order to step in during an emergency.

In addition to the humanities and social sciences, there are units at IMSB designed to allow children to develop their artistic skills. Here, they can discover their talents and engage in artistic activities to make the most of their time. Besides, students that partake in such activities will not only discover a passion and talent for art, but also will enjoy a well-earned relaxation interval amidst a demanding schedule. Accompanied by an expert instructor, children can explore painting, marbling, watercolor, oil paintings, works which they will be able to exhibit at the end of the year.

Mother tongue education is a crucial aspect of the IMSB philosophy. The Turkish language class helps students of Turkish origin discover the subtleties of their mother tongue. In addition, students whose native language is other than Turkish can participate in the activities of the Turkish Club and the Turkish Street, and thereby achieve certain levels of Turkish language fluency. Students can participate in Turkish theater, sketch, poetry and other activities and develop their self-confidence by having the opportunity to progress both linguistically and socially.

Practice is as valued as theory at IMSB schools. Experimental studies are conducted in science laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics lessons. Students are accompanied by expert teachers at the laboratories. Practical studies are also designed in such a way that will prepare students for national exams and help improve their success.

In accordance with the perennial principle of “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” IMSB attaches particular importance to sports activities. The outdoor grounds and facilities, as well as the indoor sports hall, ensure that the sports lessons are carried out in all seasonal conditions. Students are closely monitored in terms of their physical development. The two outdoors basketball courts, one carpet soccer field and indoor volleyball and basketball fields offer a wide range sportive opportunities to the students.

All in all, our mission to provide a healthy, growth-oriented educational environment motivates us to pursue excellence and help children flourish, so if you’re interested to find out more, do pay us a visit, either on our campus in Pipera, or virtually, at www.imsb.ro.

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