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October 28, 2021

Dispute between the Cotroceni and Victoria Palaces on the candidacy of Victor Negrescu. Iohannis: Ousted premier has no legitimacy to nominate candidate for European Commissioner

President Klaus Iohannis says that ousted Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has no legitimacy to nominate a candidate on Romania’s behalf for the position of European Commissioner, demanding her not to convey such a nomination to the EC’s President elect Ursula von der Leyen.

“Ousted premier Mrs. Viorica Dancila refuses to understand that once she has lost the quality of Prime Minister she has lost any legitimacy to make any nomination for the European Commissioner position, on behalf of Romania. I’m once again warning Mrs. Dancila to stop any approach of nominating a candidate for this position and to not convey any proposal to the European Commission President-elect Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen. The nomination of a European Commissioner on our country’s behalf by a Government that has no constitutional and legal duties in this sense is irresponsible, defying both the Romanian citizens and the European partners,” says Iohannis, in a press release issued by the Presidential Administration.

“It is paramount that a new Cabinet get the vote of the Legislative body as soon as possible, so to solve all of the pressing issues generated by the PSD [the Social Democratic Party] disastrous government, including the nomination of a credible, professional candidate on Romania’s behalf to the European Commission. The delay in Parliament by the PSD of the procedures that would lead to the voting of the new Gov’t is but harming even more our country’s credibility, already affected by the Dancila Gov’t,” the president added.

Ousted Prime Minister Viorica Dancila proposed former Minister-delegate for European Affairs Victor Negrescu for the position of European Commissioner from Romania, an information confirmed on Tuesday for AGERPRES by Negrescu.


PM designate, about Dancila’s new proposal regarding the European Commissioner: It’s an insolence. Mrs. Dancila made Romania look ridiculous


Prime Minister designate Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday that Viorica Dancila shows “insolence” by nominating a person to hold the European Commissioner from Romania. “Mrs. Dancila made Romania look ridiculous”, Orban said, mentioning that the dismissed PM no longer has any capacity to make such a proposal.

“This seems to me one more insolence from Mrs. Dancila, to dare to make the third proposal for the European Commissioner, after the first one didn’t qualify, the second – which actually was part of the first proposal, wasn’t even considered. Making a third nomination is an insolence and an inability to understand the requirements of exercising a leading position in the Romanian state”, Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday, when asked about his opinion regarding Victor Negrescu’s nomination as a European Commissioner.

Orban said that PSD even removed Victor Negrescu at one point from the position of a minister, “they appreciated that he is not proper for this”.

“If Dancila sent a proposal, it’s the position of the President of the European Commission, who must decide on this new proposal. (…) It’s not such a hurry, and if the Government will be invested on November 4, it will be able to make a proposal in due time, so that the person will be heard, will receive the vote in the committees and will be voted in the plenary session, with the entire Commission”, Orban added.

Asked if he will make one or two proposals, Orban mentioned he will decide after the Government will be invested.

Orban thinks that Ursula von der Leyen will make a decision knowing all the details of the political situation in Romania.

“When she was in office and she wasn’t the Prime Minister of a dismissed Government, she made two proposals which didn’t even qualify. Romania was ridiculous because of Mrs. Dancila, because she made some proposals with serious integrity and competence problems. From my point of view, the dismissed Prime Minister no longer has any capacity to send a candidate for the European Commissioner position”, the designated PM added.


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