Eight ministers of the Orban Government heard in the specialized committees of the Parliament .Florin Citu was the only one who received a negative opinion

Eight candidates proposed as ministers in the Orban Government were heard on Tuesday by the Parliament’s specialized committees.

Among them, Marcel Bolos, who was proposed for the Ministry of European Funds , Victor Costache, proposed at the Ministry of Health, Bogdan Gheorghiu, proposed at the Ministry of Culture, Nicolae Ciuca, who will take over the head of the Ministry of Defense , and Marcel Vela, proposed as the Minister of Interior, received a positive opinion in the Parliament’s specialized committees. Florin Citu, proposed as the Ministry of Finance, was the only one who received a negative opinion. The designated PM Ludovic Orban was present at all the hearings of the proposed ministers.


Citu, about the vote in the Parliament’s committees related to his appointment as the Finance Minister: It was a political vote. The interpretation of the committee’s chairperson was that the 19-19 vote is negative


Liberal Florin Citu stated on Tuesday, referring to the vote in the Parliament’s committees regarding his appointment as the Finance Minister, that it was a political vote, and the interpretation of the PSD Chairperson of the committee was that the 19-19 vote is negative.

“First of all, it was a political vote. The interpretation of the chairperson was that this is a negative vote. I think I managed to answer all the questions. Some questions were pointless”, Citu stated at the end of the hearing.

Speaking of the ironies and disputes with the current Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, Citu mentioned that he asked from the start of the debate for a decent tone, but it seems it is impossible.

“Then, we wonder why the Parliament’s image is this”, he commented, criticizing Eugen Teodorovici’s reactions, and added: “I am not the one who has to evaluate the PSD Executive Chairman, but the voters”.

“We don’t know how big the deficit is, although we are in November. We engage to respect the treaties”, he pointed out.

As for the holiday tickets, Citu said that he never said that they should be removed.

“What I said was that these things don’t exist in the private system. If we should have the same measure unit, the question was if they should be introduced in the private sector, too”, the Liberal senator explained.


Orban: In most committees the vote wasn’t political but based on the candidates’ showing


Premier-designate Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday, after the ministers-designate of his Cabinet were heard, that in most committees the vote was not political but based on the candidates’ showing, pointing out that their performance was serious and professional, with solutions being presented and the objectives sought being to the benefit of Romania.

“I congratulate my colleagues for their performance, I thank the parliamentarians of all political stripes who have heard our candidate ministers with extreme seriousness and who gave them their confidence. Basically, in most committees the vote was not political but actually based on the showing of the candidates, from General Ciuca to Costel Alexe, from Mr Oros to Mr Victor Costache and all of my colleagues in general. It was a serious, professional showing in which we presented the fact that we have solutions and we seek the attainment of objectives that are to the benefit of Romania and to the benefit of the Romanian citizen,” Orban said.

He said that the negative report that Finance Minister-designate Florin Citu received was a political vote.

“It was a political vote that had nothing to do with the quality of his showing, with the professionalism of and solutions presented by my colleague Florin Citu,” Orban explained.



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