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Four years since Colectiv deadly fire. Justice is in no hurry to find culprits, accuses Chairman of the Colectiv Association

Chairman of the Colectiv Association Eugen Iancu said on Wednesday that heading the state institutions are “almost the same characters who proved that in the 30 years since Communism they have changed absolutely nothing,” and that justice is in no hurry to find the culprits for the deadly Colectiv Club fire of four years ago.

According to him, the video images recently released by daily Libertatea show that the intervention of the authorities on October 30, 2015 “was a shame”.

“I made a criminal complaint in 2016 because I knew very clearly that the intervention that night was a catastrophe. It was a shame, a moment when our leaders wanted to increase their image; they never were interested in the life of the wounded. (…) I am haunted by the fact that leading the state institutions are almost the same characters who have proven that in the 30 years since communism they have changed absolutely nothing. (…) And hospitals show what they look like not because of us, but of those who run these hospitals, those gods of medicine who have always been concerned about the money that goes into their pockets for operations or for one thing or another, not for changes in the system.(…) I would have liked to see the rectors, deans, university professors, going to the Ministry of Health and say: ‘No more!’ instead if denying the existence of nosocomial diseases that absolutely all can demonstrate. They should have come out and said: ‘We must build.’ (…) Justice itself is in no hurry to investigate, to find the culprits. When there are 64 dead and no culprit locked up, I think there is a very, very big problem,” said Iancu at the Colectiv Club. He is the father of a 22-year-old called Alexandru, a survivor of the fire who three weeks after the fire succumbed to a nosocomial infection at the Sf. Ioan Hospital of Bucharest, where he was being treated for burns.


President Iohannis lays wreaths at Colectiv Club


President Klaus Iohannis laid a wreath on Wednesday morning in front of Colectiv Club, in the memory of the tragedy which occurred four years ago.

On this occasion, the head of state lit a candle and kept a moment of silence before the improvised altar in front of the club in the memory of the victims of the fire which took place on 30 October 2015.


Dancila: Colectiv tragedy remains a “difficult” lesson, “a deep wound” in the memory of Romanians


The Colectiv tragedy remains a “difficult” lesson, “a deep wound” in the memory of Romanians that requires a strong sense of responsibility on the part of all, dismissed Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday.

“October 30, 2015 has gone down in our memory as one of the saddest days, when the destinies of dozens of young people were ended. This terrible tragedy must keep the conscience of the society alive and re-awaken the deepest feelings: love for the fellow people, compassion, solidarity, as well as respect for the life and safety of the citizens. The Colectiv Tragedy, the symbol of deep-going national pain, remains a difficult lesson, a deep wound in the memory of the Romanians that implicitly requires a strong sense of responsibility and high vigilance from all,” said Dancila.

She added that “a difficult road” remains for mending things that do not work, which has to be taken responsibly and “without political overtones.”

“We need to open our eyes and acknowledge when things are not working, to fix them together – state organisations and authorities, political forces and civil society – to step in as quickly as possible against actions that endanger the safety of the citizen. Rapid response measures, improvements in legislation and medical services have to be developed and permanently adjusted for reality. It is necessary for us to continue investment in healthcare, in means of rescue, in staff training, as well as in all that means saving human lives. It remains a difficult road, which must be walked responsibly without political overtones. As for myself, regardless of my political capacity, I will firmly support any project designed to contribute to increasing citizen’s safety, improving medical services and rapid responses,” added Dancila.

She voiced solidarity with the bereaved families and wished good health to the injured in Colectiv. “I will continue to be with the grieving families who have lost loved ones. At the same time, I wish good health to those injured in the terrible fire and power to heal the wounds of their bodies and souls,” said Dancila.


IGSU: 30 Oct. 2015 – moment which marked each one of us, both citizens and rescuers


The Colectiv tragedy of 30 October 2015 represents the moment which marked both the citizens and rescuers, the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations (IGSU) showed on a post on its Facebook page.

“30 October 2015 – The moment which marked each one of us, both citizens and rescuers. The moment when dozens of youngsters lost their lives in the Colectiv Club fire, although the effort of the operative teams that intervened that night existed. For the military firefighters, each mission counts and when human lives are lost, it leaves deep marks and always poses the question whether something was missing, whether they could have done more and better for winning the fight for life. Hundreds of firefighters, dozens of doctors, nurses and forces of other structures took action then, in order to quickly manage the situation which seemed never-ending,” the IGSU release mentioned on Wednesday.

According to the quoted source, “in the fight with the seconds, the rescuers gave everything.”

“The image of the moment doesn’t disappear, not even after four years and, inevitably, it comes back whenever our colleagues go on missions which can turn into real tragedies for those involved. (…) Our thoughts of yesterday, today and every day go out to all those in suffering and to the families who lost their loved ones. May God rest in peace the souls of those who are no longer with us,” the post showed.

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