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March 23, 2023

Victor Ponta denounces arrangement between PNL and PSD: Some people are replaced in office, PSD with PNL. Nothing changes

Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta has stated for RomaniaTV that there is an arrangement between the PNL and PSD for Viorica Dancila to enter the presidential runoff. Victor Ponta also says that the new Orban Government will be sworn in after the first round of the presidential elections and the PSD will back this Cabinet.

“There were four candidates having high chances to enter the runoff. Iohannis, who has the top shot, will enter the runoff and he wants Mrs Dancila because this way the result is 100 per cent predictable, he will defeat her without a problem. The PSD, via the voice of Mr Stanescu, have said they must confirm the government for the sake of so-called stability, precisely the same scenario as the one that saw the Ciolos Government voted by the Social Democrats. I didn’t vote for it, but they voted for it back then. (…) Dan Barna surrendered in 24 hours, after the European grants dossier appeared. Mircea Diaconu is left, the only one who is fighting and whom we continue to support,” Victor Ponta stated on RomaniaTV.

Victor Ponta announced that more PSD MPs will join Pro Romania and he will not vote for the Orban Government.

“I will never vote for a government, just as I didn’t vote for the Ciolos Government even though the PSD did. I won’t vote for the Orban Cabinet this time around either if there are no clear guarantees that the people are represented and defended. I haven’t seen any kind of guarantee, nothing about the people, only political games, how we should replace X. People are being replaced in office, PSD with PNL, nothing changes. I haven’t seen seriousness, only some people being taken out of office and others taking their place and we move on,” Victor Ponta added at the Palace of Parliament, referring to the confirmation hearings of the ministers nominated by Ludovic Orban.

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