PSD’s Dancila: Those who vote this austerity program will answer to Romanians

The Social Democratic Party chair and candidate for President of Romania, demoted Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated on Wednesday in northwestern Zalau that all MPs who vote, on Monday, for the new Government, will have to answer to Romanians, given that, in her opinion, it’s a governing program based on austerity, where the measures taken by the Government she led cannot be found.

The PSD leader stated that the MPs that will support the new Government will vote against Romanians.

“On Monday there will be a vote for the new Government and I was asking myself (…) what our MPs, regardless of political color, do? Will they vote against Romanians? Will they vote against pensioners? Will they vote against youths? Will they vote against the development of this country? I am convinced some will, but I sit and wonder what the people will do when they (the MPs) return to their communities and will ask: ‘Why did we vote for you and sent you to the Romanian Parliament?’ (…) I believe that all those who vote for this austerity program for Romania will have to answer to Romanians. (…) I read the governing program of those who want to lead this country. I didn’t find the increase of the pension point, I didn’t find the economic measures by which we convince our children to return to their country together with their family, I didn’t find the measures for agriculture, I didn’t find the measures for hospitals, the measures for the local communities. I saw the governing program made by them for themselves,” Viorica Dancila said, during a meeting with elderly people in Zalau.

In what regards her electoral campaign, Viorica Dancila said it moves forward, even though it had a lot of “bumps” in its path.


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