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October 22, 2021

Orban Gov’t unanimously wins Parliament’s vote of investiture. Romania has  a legitimate government voted by Parliament, despite shameful boycott of PSD, Pro Romania

The Government proposed by Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban on Monday won Parliament’s confidence vote at a plenary sitting.

Out of the total 465 MPs in attendance, 240 cast a ballot, according to Senator Silvia Dinica.

“Parliament extends its confidence in the government by a majority vote of the lawmakers requiring at least 233 ayes. Given that there were 240 who voted to vest the government with confidence, it is found that the parliamentary majority has been met for the confidence to be extended to the programme and list of members of the Orban Government,” she said.

“I have brought good luck to the Orban government today,” said Senate Vice President Alina Gorghiu, who chaired the parliamentary sitting.

“Parliament has cast its vote of confidence in the government, its programme and its list of members list. Congratulations to Prime Minister Orban and his team!,” added Gorghiu.

In his turn, Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban, thanked the MPs. “Thank you and may you trust us!,” said Orban.


Romania has  a legitimate government voted by Parliament, despite shameful boycott of PSD, Pro Romania


PM-designate Ludovic Orban on Monday stated that Romania has a legitimate government voted by Parliament, despite the “shameful and pitiful boycott” of PSD and Pro Romania.

“Romania has a legitimate government, which received the confidence vote of Parliament, despite the shameful and pitiful boycott of some political parties, which is a first in the 30 years of Romanian democracy. A parliamentary majority voted in favour of our Government,” stated Orban at the Parliament Palace after the investiture vote.

He thanked his partners from PNL (National Liberal Party) and also to the other MPs, who “listened to their own conscience and placed Romania’s good first.”


This Cabinet is one with a limited mandate, urgent measures to be taken


Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban has stated on Monday in the joint plenary meeting of Parliament that the mandate of his Executive is a limited one, namely of one year, underscoring that certain measures should be urgently taken.

“This Government is a Government with a limited mandate, the maximum duration of exercising the executive power of this Government is one year and, practically, everything which we included in the governing programme starts from this constraint, which is provided by exercising power during an extremely short period. We have urgent measure, which can only be taken by a legitimate Government. Look at what is happening with the barricade of over 100 miners in the underground of Paroseni and Uricani coal mines, people are putting their lives, health in danger because, for nine months, the Government failed to extend the emergency ordinance which would give them the possibility to have an income, after the mines close, and put something on their families’ table,” Orban explained.

He highlighted that the revision of the state budget is necessary, showing that many public institutions and local authorities don’t have resources in order to close the budget exercise and risk leaving their employees without their salaries. Furthermore, Orban argued that, at the moment, there are delays in the payment of entitlements of persons with disabilities, the entitlements of personal assistants of people with disabilities, indicating that this situation cannot be tolerated.

“The adoption of a OUG [Government Emergency Ordinance] for the state budget revision is fundamental, which can ensure all the vital payments in all the activity areas, in all the public institutions and for all the local authorities,” the National Liberal Party (PNL) leader stated.

According to him, the situation regarding the preparations for winter is also “disastrous” in terms of energy and the ability to clear the transport networks.

“The transport Minister is too busy to rehire famous Narcis Neaga at the CNAIR [the National Road Infrastructure Administration Corporation], through a flawed procedure based on Law No.115, while the regional roads have almost nothing from that is required to ensure the removal of snow,” the PM-designate argued.

Moreover, he indicated that a legitimate Government would be able to propose a European Commissioner and added that another emergency is represented by the drafting of the state budget for 2020.

“There is the necessity of drawing up the state budget draft for 2020. In accordance with the law, the deadline stipulated for submitting the state budget draft and the state social insurance draft is 15 November. (…) A budget, which can stand up, which can be based on some well-grounded economic indicators, which can redirect the public spending toward the real priorities of Romania – investments in infrastructure, education, healthcare and in all the vital areas, should be drawn up as quickly as possible. Without a Government, this deadline cannot be observed and the budget will be once again drafted as it has been over the past years, through fake money, invented incomes and generating expenditures for which there is no coverage in real revenues,” Ludovic Orban argued.

He said that another urgent issue is related to the early retirement of magistrates.

“Only a Government invested by Parliament, a legitimate Government can solve the issue of the Prosecutor’s Offices’ management,” Orban added.

The PM-designate indicated that another priority is adopting the measures to avoid the risk of EU funds disengagement, pointing out that in 2019 the amount stands at 600 million euro.

“Next year, there is a disengagement risk of 3.2 billion euro, especially, because of the fact that no contract of the large transport infrastructure projects has been signed on the POIM, which benefited from funding on the 2014-2020 multiannual financial exercise,” Orban said.


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