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May 23, 2022

Pro Romania’s Ponta: We’ll remove from the party our colleagues who voted for the Orban Government

Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta announced on Monday that the colleagues who voted for the Orban Government will be removed from the party and Pro Romania will stay in Opposition.

“The PNL (National Liberal Party) Orban Government passed Parliament and Pro Romania DID NOT support this Government (we will remove from the party our colleagues who decided today to join PNL against the decision that we took together, and we will continue without them); those who accused us that we were leaving the country without a government, let’s see them at work now, and I also have a few comments to make: the same as in December 2009 we have a Government that was NOT voted by the people, who passed Parliament by using the same methods used in 2009, a Government that only has the President’s support to legitimate it and no other quality and no solution to the upcoming economic and social crisis; and also, the same as in December 2009 or December 2015 the real and immediate problems of the people did not count, for only their desire to seize power as soon as possible and their obsession to have a President and a Government at the same time (and all the state institutions) in the hands of a single right-wing political party counted,” Ponta wrote on Facebook.

He said he is ready to sanction the new power’s mistakes from the Opposition.

“Pro Romania started as a modern central-left political project, which supports professionalism in government and is ready to fight the PSD-PNL political system, by maintaining the central-left European values, and we fought Dragnea and Dancila, but we did not turn into the subordinates of Orban. While it’s obvious that they used all forces against us today, Pro Romania remains a necessity for the modern left wing politics in Romania and we will continue on the same road, for the real battle will take places in 2024 – when we will end the crisis in Romania (the same as we did in 2012),” added Victor Ponta.

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