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December 5, 2022

Orban at Gov’t meeting: I expect to get muscle soreness from signing the dismissals of secretaries of state. President Iohannis: PSD, before leaving, emptied public finances

The Orban Government held its first meeting on Wednesday, first on the order of business being the emergency ordinance on the structure of the government and ministries, required as a result of the decision to lower the number of ministries to 16.

“It is very important to start the procedure to cleanse public institutions of those who held public offices and did not exercise their prerogatives as they should have. I can tell you that I have already started to sign decisions and I expect to get muscle soreness from signing decisions to dismiss secretaries of state, state advisers, general secretaries and the rest of the offices that depend on the minister and the Premier, because we must bring back competence, professionalism, integrity at the helm of public institutions, and put an end, once and for all, to cronyism, to nepotism. I signed some decisions yesterday, ‘the son of…,’ ‘the son of…,’ ‘the son of…,’ so on and so forth,” Premier Ludovic Orban pointed out.

He asked ministers to stop all “the contests for show” that the Dancila Government started on the final stretch.


PM demands supple structures within ministries and the auditing of diplomatic corps appointments


At the start of the Government meeting on Wednesday, Premier Ludovic Orban demanded supple structures within ministries, said that he wants to put an end to “cronyism,” and asked that those who did not exercise their prerogatives as they should have must be fired and diplomatic corps appointments should be verified. He said he went back to the Victoria Palace on Tuesday evening and found no one still there, pointing out that the working rhythm must be changed.

“Trust that this government is your partner in all of Romania’s large development projects and in all demarches to strengthen Romania’s role at the level of both the European Union and internationally, and likewise a guarantee that the fundamental rights and freedoms of every Romanian citizen will be strictly respected. I have taken the decision to appoint Mr Antonel Tanase as Secretary General of the Government. Likewise, I have taken the decision to appoint Mr Ionel Danca as Head of the Chancellery.”


President Iohannis: PSD, before leaving, emptied public finances


President Klaus Iohannis stated, on Wednesday, at the start of the Government meeting, that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) “before leaving, emptied public finances”.

“You know my opinion. In the past 30 years, the main reason, the main reason for which Romania didn’t develop more, didn’t develop better is the existence of the PSD, it was the existence of the PSD at command, as they say. But the past three years have exceeded all imagination. Governments that truly started with procedures that nobody imagined, systematic attacks on Romanian justice, systematic attacks against the anticorruption fight, systematic attacks against investors, an absurdity that is not imaginable, systematic attacks on the private business environment in Romania. Very good that that period of toxic PSD governing is over,” Iohannis stated.

He emphasized that the new government has a lot of work to do.

“I have already found out from some ministers that the situation they found in the ministries is very bad. Unfortunately, I believe that the notion of disastrous inheritance that the ministers found when taking over the situations in their ministries is already entrenched. We already know the PSD, before leaving, emptied public finances and, practically, we are now in the situation of seeing how we cover payments that are due. It will be very complicated, I understand from the new minister of Finance, to close the budget for the current year. Furthermore, it will be very complicated to build the budget for next year. I warned for some time that the PSD is spending the money of Romanians and nothing will be left. Unfortunately, it seems I was right,” Klaus Iohannis claimed.

The head of state showed, however, that the new executive will come with solutions.

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