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July 27, 2021

Mircea Diaconu invites the presidential hopefuls to constitutional debate on the role and duties of the president

Independent presidential candidate Mircea Diaconu spoke on Friday invited the presidential hopefuls to a public debate on the role and duties of the president.

“Let’s talk about the Constitution! That should be the debate, not how bad you are and who knows what bad thing you did who knows when. Things now are about the petty, cheap and unpleasant. (…) we should have been discussing now why we need a president, what he has to do under the Constitution,” Diaconu told a rally in Pitesti.

In his opinion, a victory of one of the candidates of the main parties would result in a continuation of the political conflicts that marked the last five years.

“If any of the three candidates in the competition, with their political group, their political army and army of voters won this fight (…), the war with the other party – yesterday’s, today’s war (…) – will continue. So the next five years, in whatever form they will be, would look like the other five that just passed. The only other way I believe, I hope and plead for, would be what I’m trying to bring to public attention and which is the constitutional one, that of peace, that of mediation, of normal relations among state institutions, between society and government (…). There is no war here, there is peace, if it turns out like that,” said Diaconu.

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