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May 25, 2022

President Klaus Iohannis: PSD remains a formidable adversary

President Klaus Iohannis stated in Ramnicu Valcea on Friday that most of the meetings he attended in the presidential elections campaign weren’t party meetings, but meetings with the Romanians.

“I traveled the country a lot, more than some who have been recently touring the country and accuse me that I have never been [across the country]. I know Romania very well, I know Romanians very well. Most of the meetings that I attended weren’t party meetings, as there have been many which were carried out in the campaign, but merely meetings with the Romanians who came to greet me, tell me their hardship and you know what they’ve told me most often – and now, at the end of tenure, I can say that I did what they have always asked me: ‘Mr. President get rid of the PSD [the Social Democratic Part]!’ and I succeeded,” Iohannis stated at a meeting with his followers organised at the Trade Unions Culture House in Ramnicu Valcea.

He reiterated that the PSD “remains a formidable adversary” and asked the Liberals who were in attendance to convince Romanians to turn out to vote and cast their vote for him.

“In order to free Romania from the PSD you need to convince Romanians to turn out to vote. We are not of those who want to get rid of their political opponents through any kind of methods. We, me and you, we are of those who want to make order through free, democratic vote and for that, my dear, you should go and convince people to turn out to vote in presidential, local, parliamentary elections and, after that, another majority in Parliament will start the true reconstruction of Romania and I commit before you, the Romanians, to gather all the democratic forces of Romania, I will gather all the well-intentioned Romanians and we will rebuild this beautiful country, our homeland Romania. And I will tell you my dear something else, dear Romanians, give me your vote, not only for a politician who is body and soul devoted to Romania and Romanians, give me your vote for a concept for Romania’s future, for a concept which is called normal Romania,” Iohannis also said.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) candidate seeking re-election underscored that the PSD has done a lot of harm to Romania.

“Unfortunately, this PSD ruled Romania in most of the 30 years of transition after the Revolution and, in these 30 years, the PSD harmed Romania. Without the PSD, Romania would have been much further, it would have developed better, 4 million Romanians wouldn’t have had to leave abroad, we wouldn’t have had to talk again about the fact that we want motorways,” Iohannis argued.

He criticised the lack of motorways and modern hospitals promised by the PSD, “the physical attack” on the Romanians of 10 August 2018 and the attack on justice.

“We, you and I, we took Romanians’ side and effectively stopped all these nonsense,” Iohannis stated.

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