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September 28, 2021

BEC: Voter turnout in Sunday’s presidential election as of 21:00 hrs-47,66 pct. Over 636,000 Romanians from the diaspora turned out to vote on Sunday, until 21:00 hrs

Voter turnout in Sunday’s presidential election as of 21:00hrs was 47.66 percent nationwide, according to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) Spokesman Mircea Preotescu.

In the urban area, voter turnout was 48.54pct, and in the rural area, 46.49pct.

The total turnout, by 21:00hrs, was 8,683,112, with as many as 5,056,941 voters in the urban area and 3,626,171 in the rural area.

A higher voter turnout was registered in Ilfov (63.13 percent), Cluj (59.20 percent) and Sibiu (53.76 percent) counties.

A lower turnout was registered in Vaslui (35.47 percent), Covasna (37.02 percent), and Satu Mare (37.69 percent).

In Bucharest, the turnout was 51.40 percent (922,933 voters), with a breakdown by districts as follows: district 1 – 59.59 percent; district 2 – 52.53 percent; district 3 – 44.36 percent; district 4 – 52.89 percent; district 5 – 47.20 percent and district 6 – 56.46 percent.

According to the BEC website, according to the age gap, the most numerous were voters aged between 45 and 64, followed by those over 65, then those aged between 35 and 44, those aged from 25 to 34, the last ones being young people between 18 and 24.

According to gender, women voted more – 4.4 million, as against 4.2 million men.


Over 636,000 Romanians from the diaspora turned out to vote on Sunday, until 21:00 hrs


Over 636,000 Romanians from the diaspora turned out to vote on Sunday, until 21:00 hrs.

This is the third day of the presidential ballot in the diaspora.

They are joined by the approximately 25,200 Romanians abroad who voted by mail.

According to the information on the Central Electoral Bureau online platform, most voters of the diaspora were registered in Italy, approximately 129,000. A number of 142 polling stations had been set up in Italy.

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, there were 72 polling stations set up and over 114,000 Romanians turned out to vote.

In Germany, over 101,000 Romanians voted in 80 polling stations, and in Spain, where there are the most polling stations abroad – 143, over 88,000 Romanians cast their vote.

As a first, this year Romanians abroad had three days at their disposal to elect Romania’s President at the ballot boxes in 835 polling stations. On Friday, they could vote between 12:00hrs and 21:00hrs, local time, and on Saturday and Sunday they could vote between 7:00hrs and 21:00hrs, local time. Voters who are inside the polling station at 21:00hrs local time, as well as those queuing outside the polling station in order to exercise their right to vote are allowed to cast ballots until 23:59hrs local time.

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