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August 10, 2022

Iohannis and Dancila head to run-off in presidential election

BEC – provisional results: Iohannis – 37.49 pct, Dancila – 22.69 pct, Barna – 14.73 pct


Incumbent President Klaus Iohannis is leading by a wide margin in the first round of the presidential election with 37.49 pct, followed by Social Democrat candidate Viorica Dancila – 22.69 pct, and candidate of the USR PLUS Alliance Dan Barna, with 14.73 pct, spokesman for the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) Mircea Preotescu said on Monday, after the results from 19,407 polling stations of the total of 19,586 (99.09 percent) have been centralised.

Preotescu said that data from all the polling places in the country have been centralized and data from only 179 foreign stations still have to be processed.

According to the BBEC spokesman, Iohannis garnered 3,381,848 votes in the first round (37.49 pct), Dancila – 2,047,141 (22.69 pct), and Barna – 1,329,161 (14.73 pct).

They are trailed by the rest of the presidential contenders as follows: Mircea Diaconu (‘UN OM’ Alliance) – 8.96 pct (808,380 votes); Theodor Paleologu (People’s Movement Party) – 5.70 pct (514,607 votes); Kelemen Hunor (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) – 3.95 pct (356,199 votes); Ramona-Ioana Bruynseels (Humanist Power Party) – 2.67 pct (240,896 votes); Alexandru Cumpanasu (independent) – 1.51 pct (136,654 votes); Viorel Catarama (Liberal Right) – 0.53 pct (48,039 votes); Bogdan Stanoevici (independent) – 0.42 pct (38,332 votes); Catalin Ivan (Alternative for National Dignity) – 0.36 pct (32,388 votes); Ninel Peia (Romanian Nation Party) – 0.33 pct (30,211 votes); Sebastian Popescu (New Romania Party) – 0.33 pct (30,024 votes); John-Ion Banu (Romanian Nation Party) – 0.30 pct (27,190 votes).

The voter turnout was 9,163,044, representing 50.11 pct of the total number of voters registered with the permanent rolls.

The number of valid ballots cast is 9,021,070, accounting for 98.45 pct of the total number of votes. The total number of null votes is 139,901 (1.53 pct).


Iohannis: Victory! We have succeeded in defeating the PSD more than ever in the last 30 years. PNL, USR PLUS, PMP, UDMR must start working together


National Liberal Party (PNL) candidate for the presidential election Klaus Iohannis said, following the announcement of the exit polls, that Romanians have never voted so much and so clearly against the Social Democratic Party (PSD), and this means “a huge step” for Romania.

“Dear Romanian, victory! We have succeeded in defeating the PSD more than ever in the last 30 years. The Romanians have never voted so much and so clearly against the PSD and this is a huge step for Romania,” said Iohannis, at the PNL headquarters.

He  declared that the war with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) has not ended, calling on the Romanians to also come to vote in the runoff of the presidential elections.

He pointed out that PNL, the USR PLUS Alliance, PMP and UDMR need to start working together.

“A special appreciation for the work of the new Liberal Government under the leadership of Ludovic [Orban] today. In the country and abroad, the vote took place in a perfect, impeccable order, but the war with the PSD has not ended. We still have a fight, one more step in two weeks. (…) I remind USR PLUS voters, who have supported a very good candidate today, what we have in common – the belief that the rule of law and the European good are the pillars of Romania’s long-term development and I call on them to build together this future we want. To those from the PMP I say: come to the vote. Now we can make together the educated Romania that I also wish for. The war with PSD is not over, but we are in the position where we must start working together, we, PNL, USR PLUS, PMP, UDMR, who want a normal Romania. Dear Romanians, come to vote for a normal Romania!” said Iohannis, at PNL headquarters, after the announcement of the exit-polls.

He also said that defeating PSD does not mean that left-wing voters will be ignored or forgotten.

“They want what all the Romanians want from those leading the country: public money used correctly for schools, hospitals, motorways, stable pensions and institutions in the service of the citizen, fair laws, observed by all,” Iohannis added.


PSD’s Dancila: I think we made a communication mistake in terms of communication in regard to the diaspora


Social Democrat candidate in the presidential election Viorica Dancila believes that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) made a mistake in terms of communication with the diaspora, in the context in which her opponents have only said that Romanians from abroad must come home, while PSD took concrete measures for this thing to happen.

“I believe we made a mistake in terms of communication in regard to the diaspora, because if all the others have said that the diaspora must come home, we took measures – the increase in salaries, investments, community development, programmes for the diaspora, such as Start Up Nation Diaspora, such as the Tomato programmes, for those who work in agriculture. There are things we have done for the diaspora, the cancellation of consular fees, even the three days of voting and the correspondence voting are measures we supported and implemented,” Dancila told AGERPRES on Sunday evening, when asked what is her message to the diaspora so that she can get more votes in the second round of the presidential elections if she is officially confirmed in the runoff.

The PSD candidate showed she is glad that Romanians in the diaspora turned out to vote in great numbers and she voiced hope that in the second round they vote for “what is good for them, what is good for their families in Romania.”

“I believe no one in the diaspora is glad when they see that a government of Klaus Iohannis wants to introduce austerity again and I believe these things should matter to them and, if they want to come home, then they should support a candidate who, through the measures taken, can truly create these conditions,” Dancila also said.


The vote helps us to continue the election campaign


The vote cast on Sunday helps the Social Democratic Party (PSD) continue the election campaign and to demonstrate what it wants to do for Romanians, said the party’s chairperson, Viorica Dancila, who has qualified for the runoff of the presidential elections, after Klaus Iohannis.

“I want to thank all the Romanians who came to the vote today, I especially want to thank the PSD county presidents, I want to thank our supporters, our activists and all those who today gave us their trust. This vote honors us and makes us responsible. I want to thank the mayors who have been very involved and who have put a lot of heart into this result. According to the exit poll, I am in the runoff. I thank all those who voted with their heart. We showed that we are close to Romanians and we hope that, in the next two weeks, as many Romanians as possible will join us, even those who now had another alternative, those who gave their vote to other candidates. I hope they will join us and I hope that together we will win the presidential election. The vote cast today shows the trust granted to us, the vote given today helps us continue the campaign, an election campaign in which we will come before the Romanians, both with what we have achieved, but, especially, with what we want to do for them when we win the presidential election,” said Dancila, at the PSD headquarters.

She said that “the fight is not against a political party”.





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