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April 13, 2021

KRUK Group, a trend setter of the industry on each market where it is present

The journey KRUK took over the past 20 years represents the evolution of the receivables management industry in Europe. Is was not easy to take the step from a small company to an international financial group with operations in nine European countries. Today KRUK Group is a trend setter of the industry on each market where it is present. In Romania, KRUK has been present for over 12 years and is one of the market leaders as well.  KRUK has two main lines of activity: the debt collection on the purchased portfolios and the servicing of the debt portfolios outsourced by the business partners. Given its performance over the past decades, KRUK is a preferred business partner for many financial-banking entities, in many countries.

The success the Group registers year after year is reflected by the numerous projects and innovative solutions it has come up with. Time is running fast for everyone and the need to keep up with the global evolutions is imperative in order to be competitive. Thus, in KRUK Group, Digitalization and Innovation are prerequisites of each projects, hence the numerous applications and platforms developed internally and used by all Group entities.

At the same time, the strong relationships developed with the business partners that were consolidated along time are proof of the mutual trust and highest standard services rendered. The LEAN philosophy of the Group is reflected in the daily activity: the company strives to constantly improve the products and services offered to its clients and partners. The role of the client is essential, as the processes, projects and improvements are aimed at meeting the requirements of the customers.  Such an approach is the expression of the team commitment and engagement.

“If we were to mention an exceptional ingredient that contributed to the success KRUK had in time, this is the permanent wish to exceed its own results and the daring spirit of tuning each problem into a challenge that is handled with creative solutions”, said Tomasz Ignaczak, Director General KRUK Romania. Listening to the voice of the client was one of the most important steps taken by KRUK towards better understanding the requirements, the constraints and wishes of clients.

Financial education is also one aspect KRUK is very keen on addressing: numerous projects developed with specialized NGOs, associations, institutions, schools are being implemented in many countries where the group is present. A person that understands the basic financial mechanisms and the importance of observing the social norms according to which debts must be repaid, is a person that will stay away from sensitive financial situations and thus benefit from the customized debt settlement solutions offered by KRUK. The approach towards the clients, that of facilitating the repayment of debts in instalments adapted to the current financial status is a step forward in finding the most appropriate solutions for each person in debts.




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