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March 24, 2023

24 years since Corneliu Coposu passed away. PM Orban: Corneliu Coposu showed freedom and human dignity cannot be defeated

PM Orban: Corneliu Coposu showed freedom and human dignity cannot be defeated


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban laid a wreath of flowers at the bust of late political figure Corneliu Coposu and stated that the former leader of the Christian Democratic National Peasants’ Party (PNTCD) showed that “liberty and human dignity cannot be defeated.”

“He was a model, a statesman, a character, a fighter for democracy, for freedom, a fighter for Romania’s integration in the Euro-Atlantic space and a person who did tremendous things for Romania, a person who showed that freedom and human dignity cannot be defeated, no matter how much oppression is done to them,” said Ludovic Orban.

He added that the gesture has the purpose of keeping alive the memory of Corneliu Coposu.

“I wanted to do this gesture in order to bring my contribution to keeping alive the memory of the senior and especially to send a signal regarding Corneliu Coposu’s will, an extremely important document, which all political figures that want to do something solid for Romania should have in view,” the Prime Minister concluded.

Corneliu Coposu, a member of the National Peasants’ Party until it was forbidden, in 1947, a journalist, Law graduate, political prisoner for 17 years, in the Stalinist period of the Communist regime in Romania, died on November 11, 1995, being, at that time, a senator in Romania’s Parliament.

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