FinMin Citu: Romania was governed by two budgets in three years, exactly the method used by Al Capone. PSD’s  Teodorovici: I am Al Capone, just as Mr. Citu is FBI head

Romania’s economy for the last three years has been run against two budgets, one unveiled to Parliament and another for funding local barons, exactly the method used by Al Capone, who had one book for the tax administration and another one for him, Finance Minister Florin Citu said at a news conference on Thursday.

“Almost everything I found here went beyond the most pessimistic expectations. Moreover, I found out that the real situation was neither known, nor anticipated by our international partners. So the information that was circulating was not the real one. The conclusion is that for the last three years Romania’s economy was run against two budgets, and I can say very responsibly that there was a budget unveiled to Parliament that neither the prime minister nor the finance minister took up, and a second budget, with all the real information, a budget used to fund the local barons and so on. That’s exactly the method, and I found no other comparison, of Al Capone: he would have two books, one for the tax administration and one for him,” said Citu.


PSD’s  Teodorovici: I am Al Capone, just as Mr. Citu is FBI head


Former FinMin Teodorovici, the  Social Democratic Party (PSD)’s Executive President Eugen Teodorovici on Thursday expressed “deep disappointment and sorrow” over the fact that Minister of Finance Florin Citu “does not know how to read a budget”.

In his opinion, Florin Citu held “an attempt of press conference, instead of presenting a situation ten days after taking office”.

“I would have expected that what we are discussing today to be closely linked to a situation that Minister of Finance, Mr. Citu, will present after the first ten days in office. (…) Firstly, if we were to believe Mr. Citu’s allegations, I should introduce myself to you as Eugen Teodorovici, alias Al Capone. But I am Al Capone just as Mr. Citu is the head of the FBI. Joke aside, a serious discussion on Romania’s economic situation should take into account the data that the Ministry of Finance has to publicly present today. I express my deep disappointment and sorrow with the fact that Mr Citu does not know how to read a budget and especially how he understood today to present himself as the Minister of Finance. I wish that, until the first official discussions with our international partners, he will show wisdom and understanding, in the sense that he represents the interests of this country above all,” Teodorovici told a press conference held at the PSD headquarters.

In context, Eugen Teodorovici called on Florin Citu to say who are the international partners who were sorry for him, and what else he promised them, “to the friends who have to finance us” respectively.

“Since 4 November, Mr. Citu has borrowed more than 2.5 billion lei. Today a new issue took place in this respect, we are going to get data from the Ministry of Finance. (…) He has already announced a negative rectification, not having the execution at 10 months. I would very much like for this rectification, which he anticipates as negative, not to include measures of cuts, layoffs in the public sector, austerity measures.We have strong signals that within the ministries, especially in the Finance one, they are working on a package of measures including the increase in VAT, the taxation of dividends, layoffs in the public sector and other austerity measures. (…) The data should have been presented after the execution officially existed (…),” said the Social Democrat.

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