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October 21, 2021

PSD’s Dancila accuses: Iohannis desires monopoly of power. He’s a “dictator” president, who wants to lead the Gov’t and Parliament, who threatens his opponents with prosecutors, through intermediaries

The candidate of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the presidential elections, Viorica Dancila, claimed on Thursday that the president, Klaus Iohannis, desires “a monopoly of power”, is a “dictator” president, who wants to lead the Government and Parliament and who threatens his opponents with prosecutors, through intermediaries.

“We all saw Rares Bogdan, President Iohannis’ loudspeaker, threatening me with prosecutors. I quote: “Dancila should get ready for a debate with prosecutors.” What should I understand? That because I dared to call the President to a debate in front of Romanians I am threatened with prosecutors and cases? Because, as has happened to Victor Ponta, when he ran in 2014 against Klaus Iohannis, as it happened to Dan Barna, who had hoped to reach the second round, and he had a criminal case, the same thing should happen to Viorica Dancila? There are very many coincidences, there are many things that are unusual for a member state of the EU. We are heading towards a monopoly of power, which President Iohannis desires, the one who wants to lead Romania from his position as President, the one who leads the Government of Romania, the one who wants to lead the Parliament of Romania, the one who wants to have absolute power in Romania. Now, 30 years since the fall of communism, we see a dictator president, who wants to have power and use it against those who do not accept walking the road he is drawing up or do not accept to do as ordered,” said Viorica Dancila in a press conference at the PSD headquarters.

The chair of the PSD stated she does not have a problem in discussing with prosecutors because she has nothing to hide.

“That is why, I request Mr. Iohannis come out publicly and give explanations to the entire country why Mr. Rares Bogdan, the message bearer of Mr. Iohannis, has information about what the prosecutors want to do. It’s inadmissible for a political party to come in front of people and say who the prosecutors will call for questioning, effectively not taking into account the independence of justice. All these things should worry us, all these things show the desperation, show that we have a dictator president who, if he does not manage to come to a debate and tell the people what he’s done in five years, what he wants to do in the coming period, then he sends his messengers to threaten the opponents with criminal cases and discussions with prosecutors,” Dancila also claimed.

According to the PSD leader, “for fairness, for responsibility, for the respect that he should have towards Romanians, candidate Iohannis should come in front of Romanians and give explanations why he came with these threats against his opponent in the presidential elections.”

“It’s unprecedented, it’s something nobody should accept. Today it’s Viorica Dancila, tomorrow maybe it’s another Romanian who does not agree to have his pension cut or his salary cut. What will Klaus Iohannis do? He will send another messenger to threaten him that he will be called by prosecutors?” Viorica Dancila added.

In her opinion, “if the main objective of the President is to oust a government, then it means we are returning to communism.”

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