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December 1, 2021

Klaus Iohannis wins second term as Romania’s President with 66. 6 pct, while Dancila got 33.5 pct according to IRES exit poll. BEC provisional data nationwide: Klaus Iohannis-60,48,% Dancila 39,52 %. Iohannis: Normal Romania has won today; most categorical victory ever won against PSD

National Liberal Party (PNL) candidate Klaus Iohannis won 66.5pct in the runoff of the presidential election on Sunday, and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) representative, Viorica Dancila – 33.5pct, according to exit poll conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy – IRES.

In addition to the estimates based on the data collected from the polling stations on the Romanian territory, the predictions sent by IRES take into account a statistical model for the redistribution of votes from the diaspora.

The sample consisted of 24,119 questionnaires applied until 20:00 hrs, and the margin of error – 2pct.

The questionnaires were applied face to face, at the exit from the polls, in 352 polling stations on the territory of Romania.


BEC provisional data nationwide: Klaus Iohannis-60,48,% Dancila 39,52 %


Klaus Iohannis won on Sunday, in the runoff of the presidential elections, 60.48%, and Viorica Dancila – 39.52% of votes, after the counting of 288,424 votes from polling stations in Romania.

According to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), Iohannis obtained 174,447 votes, and Viorica Dancila – 113,977.


BEC provisional results (Diaspora): Iohannis won 89.31%, Dancila 10,69%


Klaus Iohannis won 89.31% of the votes on Sunday, in the runoff of the presidential elections, and Viorica Dancila – 10.69%, after the counting of 10,719 votes in the countries where the polling stations closed.

According to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), Iohannis garnered 9,573 votes, and Viorica Dancila – 1,146.


AEP provisional data nationwide: Iohannis -56.68pct, Dancila 43.32pct


Klaus Iohannis won on Sunday, in the runoff of the presidential elections, 56.68pct, and Viorica Dancila – 43.32pct of votes, after counting 42,836 votes from 100 polling stations in Romania.

According to the Permanent Election Authority (AEP), Iohannis obtained 24,278 votes, and Viorica Dancila – 18,558.


Iohannis: Normal Romania has won today; most categorical victory ever won against PSD


President Klaus Iohannis declared on Sunday evening, after the announcement of the exit-poll results, that this was the most categorical victory ever won against the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

He announced that he will be a president “fully involved” for Romania, showing that he will be the president of all Romanians, of both those who voted for him and of those who had another option.

“Romania has won today, dear Romanians. Modern Romania, European Romania, normal Romania has won today. The Romanians have been today’s heroes. They showed up in impressive numbers to vote and this is today’s most important gain. A special mention for the Romanians from the diaspora, who went to the polls in extraordinary numbers. It is an important victory, the most categorical victory ever achieved against the PSD,” said Klaus Iohannis, at the National Liberal Party (PNL) headquarters.

He promised he will be the president of all Romanians.

“I receive this victory with joy, with gratitude, with modesty and with confidence in Romania. I promise you, here today, tonight, that I will be the president of all Romanians, and of those who voted for me, whom I offer my special thanks, and of those who did not vote for me. I will also be the president of the Romanians who did not vote at all, with the hope that next time they will however vote,” said Iohannis.


I will get involved in creating new majority


President Klaus Iohannis announced on Sunday evening that he will be involved in creating a new parliamentary majority.

“Now, after this victory, there are many things to do, there are many things to repair. I will get involved in creating a new majority, a majority composed of the democratic parties that will lead Romania to modernization, to Europeanization, to normal Romania. I promise you one more thing: I will be a fully involved president for Romania. It is a significant defeat for the PSD, but we must be realistic. We have won an important battle, but the war has not yet been won. We need to vote also in local and parliamentary elections. Only when the PSD is sent to the Opposition will we be able to do what the Romanians have asked us today. Only then can we make Romania normal, Romania as we all want it. In normal Romania there will be and must be Liberal voters, there will have to be USR-PLUS [(Save Romania Union -Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party], PMP [People Movement’s Party], UDMR [Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania] voters and yes, there must PSD [Social Democratic Party] voters too. I do not have a war with the PSD voters, I have a war with the PSD that is trying to cling on to power in counties, in communities and that is why I invite you, dear Romanians, to stay connected, continue to vote in large numbers. It is extremely important,” said Iohannis, after the announcement of the results of the exit polls, according to which the current head of state has won a new term in office.

He stressed that there are not “several Romanias”.

“In normal Romania, there must be a place for researchers, doctors, construction workers and all the Romanians in the diaspora, and the pensioners who want to be respected. You see that there are not several Romanias, as some mistakenly claim, there is only one Romania, our Romania of all of us and we all have to pitch in to build a normal Romania and we will all get involved and create a new parliamentary majority together with all the democratic parties and I promise you that we will create a normal Romania that all Romanians want,” the head of state said.

He also had a message for PNL leader, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban. “Mr. Prime Minister, towards normal Romania!” Iohannis told him.


Dancila: PSD wins back votes lost in European Parliament elections


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has won back the votes it lost in the European Parliament elections, said PSD leader Viorica Dancila, the party’s presidential candidate, after the announcement of the exit polls that give the victory to Klaus Iohannis.

“PSD, today, has regained the confidence of the Romanian citizens who voted for us in 2016. We have won back the votes we lost in the elections to the European Parliament and today we have over 3 million votes, which means we have the number of votes we had in the parliamentary elections in 2016 and which allowed us to take power. I am fully convinced that the number of votes today helps us, obliges us and in this respect we will do everything possible to win the local elections and the parliamentary ones. We have at this moment an exit-poll result, we will collect all the minutes in the territory, we will make parallel counts, because then we will really know the result of today’s votes. (…) Other statements will be made after we have the final result of the vote,” said Viorica Dancila, at the PSD headquarters.

The PSD president congratulated, in context, “all those who voted”.

“I want to thank especially those who voted wholeheartedly, I want to thank all my colleagues in the territory, I want to thank the PSD mayors, supporters and activists, all those who wanted to replace hatred and disunity with unity and confidence,” said Dancila.


Orban: We reached objective to win by over 65pct


Liberal leader, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, stated that the National Liberal Party (PNL) had achieved the objective for President Klaus Iohannis to win the elections by over 65pct and added that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is a retrograde party, voicing confidence that this party would not return.

“Our goal in these elections was to win the presidential elections with a score of over 65pct. We have reached this goal and we thank the Romanians who came to the polls and who trusted our candidate, Klaus Iohannis, And we assure them that we will represent them with all seriousness, with all the responsibility, with all the competence and skill we have and we will be dedicated to implementing the project of a strong Romania, a modern, developed, normal Romania, which will give every citizen the chance to be successful in life,” Ludovic Orban said on Sunday evening at PNL headquarters.

He was asked what message he has for the PSD president, Viorica Dancila.

“I have no message. From my point of view, PSD is a retrograde party, a party that is like a Communist Party ghost, which still haunts Romania and which endangers democracy, economic development and the chance for a decent life for everyone. It remains our opponent. The fact that we won today does not make us lay low, but on the contrary, we will continue to show the Romanians that Romania can be governed by competent people, honest people, people dedicated to serving the public interest and that all the PSD lies have done nothing but to poison the Romanian society,” said Orban.

Ludovic Orban was convinced that the PSD has no chance to recover.

“I am convinced that no,” said Orban

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