PM Orban attends debate marking 100 years since the first session of the Parliament, hosted by Romanian Academy: Current political class ought to work on a new project to regain public confidence

Attending a debate marking 100 years since the first session of the Parliament of Romania on Monday, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said the current political class ought to work on a new project to regain public confidence.

“As politicians of a Romania that, after half a century of communism, has become democratic again, has regained its deserved place in Europe and in the world, we have to work on a new project that the Romanian society wants. This is the time for a new modernity that is in tune with all the trends of the 21st century. It is up to us to restore the confidence of citizens, especially of the younger generations – the potential of Romania. Today, as we honour a great moment in history, we must understand that there is only one way we can respect this past: through what we do for today’s people, and especially for the future and for future generations. We are at a crucial moment when we stand the chance of providing a new course to the history of our country, but same as a century ago, this chance cannot be realised unless trust and unity of opinions on national objectives are restored between the citizens and the political class,” said Orban in a speech delivered in the Auditorium of the Romanian Academy.

He also said that perseverance and devotion of the elders to a political project meant to determine the progress of the whole society must be a “fundamental” lesson for the current politicians.

“That first Parliament of Romania was not only the expression of political unity, which was soon to be recognised by international treaties; it was not only an accomplishment of the unity ideal, but also an illustration of the democratic wishes of our nation, which emerged victorious from the Great War. We must never forget that this was the first Romanian legislative forum elected by universal suffrage, a first expression of the great democratic reforms that would continue into the 1920s. (…) Anyone who abandons skepticism and gives voice to doubts about Romania’s ability to design and achieve a better future must look only at the exemplary struggle of those generations of founders and learn from their strength. The core of these teachings is loyalty to those we represent as politicians, towards citizens, towards the Romanian society, whose resources of intelligence, skills, character, creativity only wait to be respected and valued, “said Orban.

On the other hand, Orban made reference to the absence, from the Academy Hall, of the chairs of the two houses of Parliament.

“(…) I would have been happy to tell the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies – esteemed vice presidents who represent the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, distinguished members of the Romanian Academy, esteemed guests. Congratulations to the Romanian Academy for this initiative to mark a fundamental moment in the history of Romania, the meeting of the first Parliament of Greater Romania,” said Orban, at the beginning of his speech.


My objective, by the end of tomorrow, is to establish the final form of ordinance on budget revision


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Monday stated that his objective is to establish the final form of the Government Emergency Ordinance (OUG) on the budget revision by Tuesday-end.

“My objective is, by the end of tomorrow, to establish the final form of the Government Emergency Ordinance on budget revision. We have several objectives that we intend to achieve with the budget revision. The first one and the most important is to ensure the financial resources for public institutions and local authorities, financial resources that are indispensable for their good functioning, for the payment of salaries, of the various social securities, operating expenses such as public lightning, school heating and other categories of expenses. The second objective is to eliminate that practice of the previous government of burdening the business environment with unplanned expenses that were caused. For instance, one of our objectives that we have in mind with this budget revision is to bring the VAT reimbursement to companies up to date, for its not possible to artificially maintain a deficit and deprive the companies of their legal right to receive the money they are entitled to receive through the reimbursement of the VAT,” said Orban, after he participated in an event organised by the Romanian Academy.

He also added that there will be money granted to ensure all payments that must be done through the National Health Insurance House are made.

“There are medical leaves that haven’t been paid for 11 months. (…) Also, we must bring up to date the situation of the payment of some works on all investment projects, regardless if we are talking about governmental level or investments made under the National Local Development Plan. And we also need to eliminate all unnecessary expenses from the structure of the expenditure budget, which cannot be made and are only there without the possibility existing for them to be actually carried out by the end of 2019,” explained the PM.

Ludovic Orban stated that the amounts representing the transfer of the pension fund from the state budget will have to be increased in order to ensure the payment of these rights, “in the context in which the former government did not care to earmark enough money to the state budget, so that this transfers to the pension budget.” “And we will also need to supplement the amount from the state budget to the pension budget,” added Orban.

Asked if the Government will decrease the funds granted to Education and Transport, he said these were only rumors, “these were only rumors spread by people with bad intentions, most probably from the PSD area without any relation to the reality.”

“We will grant financial resources to co-finance any programme that will bring benefits to the Romanians. (…) The form of the Government Emergency draft will be made public and we will adopt it by the end of this week,” said Orban.


Between me, as PM and Romania’s President there is finally a relationship of dialogue, loyal cooperation, partnership


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has stated on Monday that between the head of the Government and the president of Romania there is “finally a relationship of dialogue, loyal cooperation, partnership,” adding that he will go the the Cotroceni Presidential Palace every time he is invited.

“Between me, as Prime Minister and Romania’s President, between the Government that I lead and the President, there is finally a relationship of dialogue, loyal cooperation, partnership, in which we coordinate all our actions, all decisions and all public policies to the benefit of the Romanian citizens,” Orban stated, after attending an event organised by the Romanian Academy.

When asked whether he would go at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on Monday in order to meet the head of state, Orban said: “I’ll go to the Cotroceni Palace whenever it’s the case, when I am invited, when we have various discussions and meetings.”

He reiterated that for now there is a parliamentary majority even if it’s a fragile one.

“However it exists and we have signed understandings and agreements with the partners who have been by our side in the success of the censure motion, who have endorsed the investiture of the Government that I lead, and we respect our agreements and I believe that we can keep this majority. Certainly, the President referred to making up a larger majority, more stable, which can support broader reforms after the elections,” Orban added, when asked about a new parliamentary majority.

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