President Klaus Iohannis wins re-election, easily defeating SocDem opponent

BEC: Iohannis-65,88 Dancila -34,12%


Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis won a presidential election runoff on Sunday as expected, recording a crushing victory over the SocDem challenger in the race, ex-PM Viorica Dancila.

Two separate exit polls showed Iohannis gaining 64%-67% of the vote, with the PSD’s candidate taking only 33-36%.

“In the November 24 presidential runoff, Klaus Iohannis won 65.88% of the valid votes to his challenger Viorica Dancila’s 34.12%, after the count of the votes from 99.67% of the polling stations”, Spokesman for the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) Mircea Preotescu said on Monday.

He mentioned that Iohannis garnered 6,437,151 valid votes to Dancila’s 3,334,466, according to the centralised partial results as of 10:30hrs Monday.

Preotescu specified that data from 19,522 polling stations out of a total of 19,586 polling stations were centralised, representing 99.67%.

Voter turnout was 9,953,659, representing 54.46% of the total number of voters registered with the permanent voter lists.

The number of valid votes cast – 9,771,617, representing 98.17% of the total number of voters who showed up to vote.

According to the BEC spokesperson, the total number of null votes is 181,962, representing 1.83% of the total number of voters who went to the polls.

Later on, the official counting revealed that Iohannis won  with 66,05%, while his opponent Dancila had 33,95% of the votes.

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