Klaus Iohannis: Wages and pensions won’t be trimmed or frozen

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that the government has no intention to change the law in order to make budget savings, and reiterated that the Executive does not plan cutting pensions and wages.

“The laws in Romania are mandatory, not optional. And, in this respect, I can only tell you that I will insist that the new government adhere ad litteram to all the legislation in force. And if there are issues with it, which can happen, then the government will come up with change proposals, but the discussions I’ve had both during the campaign and after the campaign, and also today, have shown that the government has no intention to change any law for the sake of savings, or more simply put, the government does not plan pension and wage cuts, quite the contrary, the Orban Government wants to respect the legislation, including the part which provides for pension and wage rises. (…) Wages and pensions won’t be trimmed or frozen. Such measures would lead to nowhere. One cannot punish the people for the Social Democrat’s poor governing. Much more intelligent methods must be found, budget allocations resulting in a sustainable development of the economy, which would then obviously allow increases in wages and pensions. I have explicitly conveyed this to the new government and I think the results will be seen. I know there are all sorts of experts who tell us on TV that there are no other solutions, but I am convinced that such solutions exist and that they will be adopted,” Iohannis told a press conference at the Cotroceni Palace.

“I say this everywhere, that I want a new majority in Parliament, a pro-European majority made of democratic parties that understand Romania’s needs, the needs of the Romanians, that come with an open, pro-European, modern policy and solve the problems of Romania and of the Romanians. We were unfortunate to have for three years a PSD-controlled majority, and I don’t want to go through the electoral debate all over again, but we all know what happened: Romania fell to the bottom of all the rankings, we have a deficit of over 4 percent on our hands, we found ourselves with the big public systems deeply disturbed and all this must be fixed, and in order to fix all these problems in a sustainable manner we obviously need a new majority in Parliament, which supports a government that can do all these things. Now we have a minority government, which will certainly address and solve many issues, but a new majority is the normal way, with a government that has the undisputed support of this majority,” Klaus Iohannis said.


It would be really good to move toward early elections next spring


The Head of State  Wednesday opted for early elections in the spring, showing that he will have discussions on this topic with all political leaders.

“I will have discussions with all the political leaders. I have always talked with all the political leaders, because at the top of the state it does not matter whether you like someone or not, we do politics and I want to do politics in such a way as to yield results,” President Iohannis said at Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He maintained he does not count on the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in this matter, because “the PSD has always disagreed with what I or PNL [the National Liberal Party] have said, I do not expect them to be friendly all of a sudden now, nor do I count on them. The PSD was sanctioned drastically by the electorate. If they have understood something from here, that’s good. If not, we will continue with or without them.”


PSD did not change last night, it remains unreformed party


President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) has not changed through the recent reformations of the party’s leadership and remains an “undemocratic, unreformed party that does not want to get involved for Romanians, but for their own barons” .

“The PSD did not change last night, let us not get the wrong impression. PSD has been, for a long time, led by the so-called local barons, the PSD barons, and this has not changed. What changed yesterday was that some took the place of others. So, in my opinion, PSD still hasn’t understand any of these electoral defeats and the way it presented itself publicly, as I have no other inside information, last night shows me a total mess and total resistance to change. So, I’m sticking to my idea, which I have been going back to: PSD – is changing faces but not changing the habits. PSD remains, unfortunately, for the time being, an undemocratic, unreformed party, which in no case wants to get involved for Romanians, but for their own local barons,” President Iohannis told a press conference held at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, after the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) meeting.

On Tuesday night, PSD leader Viorica Dancila resigned from her position, and in her place was appointed interim chairperson Marcel Ciolacu, the current Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

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