Multiannual EU budget and climate change, discussed by Klaus Iohannis with future head of the European Council Charles Michel

President Klaus Iohannis discussed, on Wednesday, with the future President of the European Council, Charles Michel, about the Single Market, EU security, the need for a strong foreign policy, climate change, policies in the realm of global warming, and the multiannual budget of the Union.

“We discussed about money too, about the financial exercise that will take the next seven years. We all feel the need to finalize the project in the most optimistic version, but also a realistic one. We hope to reach good conclusions somewhere at the beginning of 2020. This topic will be on the agenda of the Council in December and – we hope and certainly others do too – to have some matters clarified and to note a significant progress,” said Iohannis after the meeting with the future President of the European Council.

He showed that he discussed with the future President of the European Council about the need to maintain financing for regional development and to maintain an important sum of money for common agricultural policies.

“We desire a policy in the realm of climate that would solve the issue. We want to be a continent that shows how global warming can be fought, but at the same time we want to guarantee the development of our economies. We do not want a pro-climate policy that strangles the economies of countries that are lesser developed and here we understood each other very well. Mr. President Michel desires to approach matters related to the policy in the realm of fighting global warming as part of the December Council and certainly it will be the occasion for us all to discuss strategic approaches. For example, about an ambition that most of the member-states have, to reach the so-called climate neutrality in 2050,” Iohannis showed.

Charles Michel stated that at the Council in December there will be talks about the multiannual budget of the EU, showing that it is not a “bureaucratic” decision, but a “technical, political” one.

“Certainly it will be necessary to allot sufficient time in the coming months, so that we deepen inter-institutional dialogue because the European budget is the mirror of our common priorities at the political level. That is why we are trying to find a correct balance between increased convergence, cohesion, agriculture and all these matters that we need to ensure – climate change, technology -, all these are important matters, with concrete effects in the day to day life of European citizens of various member states of the European Union”, he emphasized.

The European official,  who came to visit Bucharest as part of a tour before taking over as head of the European Council, on December 1, expressed his desire that the December European Council will reach an agreement regarding climate change.

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