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March 23, 2023

The best performance in the last 5 years for the DENT ESTET group at nine months: 34% increase in Sales compared to 2018

The value of sales of the whole group at nine months 2019: over RON 46 million

8,300 new patients in the first nine months of 2019, 24% more than the same period last year

46% increase in revenues from dental implantology services

The number of visits in clinics increased by 20%

DENT ESTET, the leader of the dental medicine

market in Romania, announces a considerable evolution of its Sales for the first

nine months of 2019 as compared to the same period last year, reporting a 34%

increase. Thus, sales for the period January-September 2019 amounts to RON

46.77 million. DENT ESTET is part of MedLife group, which owns 60% of the shares,

the remaining 40% being owned by the founder, Dr. Oana Taban.



“The dynamic of the first nine months of the year was extraordinary. From a business point of view, DENT ESTET group reconfirms the position of market leader at national level and continues to develop in a responsible manner, respecting the same standards of excellence and the same working protocols in all clinics. We are proud that we continue to share the same healthy structure and I am confident that DENT ESTET will maintain a significant difference of over 30% compared to the next player in the market”, said Mihai Marcu, Chairman of MedLife’s Board of Directors.

The greatest weight in the evolution of sales is represented by the dental implantology services. Thus, the revenues reported by this segment increased by 46% in the first nine months of 2019 as compared to the same period of 2018. There are also continuous increases in the number of new patients in clinics, of 24% compared to the same period in 2018.

“The results show a double performance compared to the estimates from the beginning of the year, already reaching the sales value for the whole year 2018. The fact that we are market leader and continue to grow considerably and constantly our sales, is an extraordinary thing especially for the dental services market which is an extremely fragmented one. Moreover, this leadership status is also reflected in the degree of efficiency in business, supported by the increased number of complex cases that are addressed to us, to our performing and competitive team of doctors, oriented towards obtaining the best long-term results. DENT ESTET retains the principles that underpin the company’s philosophy since its inception: high accuracy in diagnosis and treatment, perfect medical experience provided to the patients and a responsible medical team” says Dr. Oana Taban, Founder & CEO of DENT ESTET Group.

The DENT ESTET group is at this moment the most complex dental network in Romania and includes 10 clinics, 3 integrated digital radiology centers, the first and only AIT department in a dental clinic in Romania, with a team of 14 anesthesia specialists, 4 Future Smile Design photo studios, 4 psychology offices and a medical management educational program. The total area of the premises exceeds 3,500 square meters.

“The source of the evolution of the first nine months of 2019 is represented by the team of over 350 specialists who form the DENT ESTET Group, the largest employer on the dental medicine services market in Romania. Moreover, the fact that our doctors work exclusively in our clinics, that we have management teams dedicated to each clinic and that we enjoy a stable team, whose members have worked together for at least ten years, is a unique recruitment and retention model on the dentistry market in Romania. We know how important it is to develop together, build and maintain strong relationships with patients,” says Dr. Oana Taban.

DENT ESTET established a Code of Integrity in Dental Medicine, which guides the standard of operation of all clinics in the network. Thus, within each DENT ESTET clinic are found all the specialized centers of excellence: implantology, dental aesthetics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, medical management. In addition, Aspen fully digitized dental lab supports every clinic.

“The digital evolution in this field has provided the right context for developing a segment of premium dental services, which are increasingly being accessed by patients. We are pleased to see that the market is becoming competitive, we appreciate everything that is upright and valuable, and in this area of services, besides DENT ESTET, the top active players on the market include clinics such as Implantodent, DentalMed or Nicolescu Agatstein Dental Clinique, that offer excellence solutions for patients”, added Dr. Oana Taban.

DENT ESTET continues the business development plans and is considering acquisitions and partnerships in new cities outside Bucharest, as well as consolidating the activities in the existing units.

The performance of DENT ESTET was appreciated and recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, which granted the company the first place in the National Top of Companies, for the field of Dental Practice Activities.

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