Elisabeth in the mirror – Elisabeth of Romania and Elisabeth of Austria face to face!

The Elisabeth of Romania and the Elisabeth of Austria were paid homage on 12th of November at the National Museum of Art in Bucharest, in the Throne Hall, in an event that highlighted the femininity, the strong character and the refinement of the two queens through fashion, dance, design, music, art, aesthetics and perfumes.

“Elisabeth in the mirror” continues last year’s Hommage à Sisi, a PR Avenue initiative aimed at bringing back before the public authentic values such as honour, duty, courage, verticality, responsibility, this time by two women, who through their love for people, changed the society in which they lived.


What is the connection between Elisabeth of Romania and Elisabeth of Austria?


As a common bridge between the characters, as a reflection in the mirror of their guiding principles, supplemented by their style, refinement and femininity, the performance on the stage in the Throne Hall presented fragments of the personalities of the two queens.

For a moment, the guests travelled back in time and space, and the guides were Ana Maria Diaconescu, manager of the Hellenic Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, who spoke about the connection between Empress Sisi and Greece, and Alin Ciupala, PhD, a historian, who led us on the wings of time into the spectacular life of Queen Elisabeth of Romania, who was a writer, poet, essayist, a real supporter of the arts and a powerful ambassador of the traditional Romanian values, a queen of the people.

As respect for tradition and real values marked the lives of the two Elisabeth, designer Adrian Oianu, a well-known promoter of the Romanian tradition and culture through fashion, spoke about the clothing style of their period, the impact it had on the culture of the two peoples, and how it still transcends time in different interpretations.

The two Elisabeth’s clothing style was presented in a fashion show with the creations of the designers Alexandra Calafeteanu, Denis Predescu, Mirela Diaconu, Marie Ollie, Aleha Toncea, Parlor and Austrian designer, Claus Tyler. Each offered the public a costume interpretation for the two iconic figures, and so the Throne Hall turned for a moment into a podium on which elegance and refinement paraded in all their forms, featuring diaphanous dresses, proving once again that royal refinement comes in many forms and is timeless.

For the evening to remind us of the royal balls, in the end we watched a waltz moment performed by the dancers from Arthur Murray, followed by chansonettes sung in French by Diana Tudor.

Sponsors and partners of the event were Austria Imperialis, MNAR, Hellenic Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, Freywille, Medihelp, L`OR, Uriage, Humanic, Chopard, Sanaskin Couture Clinic, S.T. Dupont, Embassy, Elegant Catering, Sissi, Armand Maison du Desert, Bonilash, Alina Barbu make up, Keune, Schlumberger, Mozart, Jidvei and Aqua Carpatica.





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