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July 23, 2021

Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies passes bill to repeal the compensatory appeal. JusMin Predoiu: Citizens’ security is not-debatable, not-negotiable

On Tuesday, the Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies unanimously passed a bill regarding the repeal of the compensatory appeal. It passed an amendment according to which the convicts sentenced between July 24, 2012 and the coming into force of the law will be extended the benefits of the compensatory appeal.

Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu stated, after the Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies adopted a bill to repeal the compensatory appeal, that citizens’ security is non-debatable, non-negotiable.

“I will go before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) first and foremost to inform about how this law came about and what we have to do in the penitentiary system. First, we want to increase the number of places of detention and, above all, to improve quality to keep a clear record of those spaces that do not have decent conditions of detention and to work on them. A much more applied management is needed in the penitentiary system to remedy these conditions of detention. Secondly, we will build up a probation system, which as we speak is more formal than effective, is not effective. (…) Citizens’ security is non-debatable, non-negotiable,” said Predoiu at the Parliament House, Agerpres informs.

He denied having had any contradictory talks with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on the repeal of the compensatory appeal.

“There was no reason for a contradictory discussion simply because we did not support different things. We have always (…) said that we will implement this governing programme. I do not know why this issue has been ventured; perhaps because of the fact that I stressed my reluctance over an emergency ordinance, but that was due to a media question. I have always said that I prefer a law that passes through Parliament, and the prime minister has always said that, both when he was sworn in office and afterwards. (…) I support the repeal of the compensatory appeal by a law, that is what I said today, what I said yesterday, what I said a month ago,” said Predoiu.

Asked about the use of electronic ankle bracelets, Predoiu said: “There needs to be more investment, because the system is not that simple; it needs funds and we will look for them. My attention now is directed toward the management of the national prison system, because I believe that we must do more than apply the provisions of a law, we must do improvement works, we must have an efficient management, a very clear record of the spaces that are not suitable for detention.”


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