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September 29, 2022

President Iohannis: We must establish together what are the threats facing the North Atlantic Alliance

President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Wednesday that it must be established the threats facing NATO, as well as who are the opponents, how NATO relates to the new powers.

“I welcomed the presence of North Macedonia as the 30th member of NATO. Moreover, we also decided within NATO to endorse Albania in order to overcome more easily the aftermath of the earthquake,” said the head of state, who is participating in the high-level meeting of NATO in the UK.

When asked about the statement made by French President Emmanuel Macron who described NATO as “brain dead,” Klaus Iohannis showed that the statement “shouldn’t be taken as such.”

“I don’t believe that anyone took this statement as such. It was a statement and President Macron reiterated that he wanted to shock a little bit, so as to initiate a reflection process and we all agree that NATO is strong because the NATO members are democratic states, and the discussion is part of democracy. Without a discussion there cannot be a democracy and, in this way, I am convinced that it will further go very well,” the President stated.

He added that the importance of transatlantic relation was not questioned by anyone.

“I, too underscored the importance of this relation, however, a refection process is needed. We must establish together what are the threats facing NATO, who are our opponents, how does NATO relate to the new powers. For instance, what will be NATO’s approach regarding China – these are very legitimate questions. And these matters should be clarified, how, for instance, we need to clarify how we approach international terrorism, how to approach theaters of war where NATO is not present as such, but there are present our members. Thus, there must be a correlation between us and, if the mission is not expressly a NATO one, in order to avoid some situations as it appeared, for example, in Syria,” the head of state argued.


We are a relatively small group of countries that actually allocate 2 pct of GDP for Defense


Romanian President also said that the working lunch to be offered by US President Donald Trump to the countries that allocate 2 percent of GDP for Defense is a clear signal of appreciation, stressing also that, unfortunately, this is a fairly small group.

“It is certainly also [a signal sent by Donald Trump to the countries that do not allocate 2 percent for Defense], but I think it is a pretty clear sign of appreciation for those who allocate 2 percent for Defense, at least that’s how we understand this approach and it will certainly be a very good discussion in this, unfortunately, quite small circle. We are a relatively small group of countries that actually allocate 2 percent for Defense,” said the head of the Romanian state before participating in the NATO summit.

Klaus Iohannis said that at the working lunch offered by the US President he will reiterate his invitation to Donald Trump to visit Romania.

“Now we have to look at things pragmatically, President Trump is in reelection campaign and I don’t think we can expect him to visit Romania before the US elections, but probably after that,” said Iohannis.


Source: Agerpres

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