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October 22, 2021

IntMin Vela: By this evening, I expect the Gendarmerie to send me declassification of August 10 communications

Minister of Interior Marcel Vela said he expects the Gendarmerie to submit the recordings of the conversations that the gendarmes had through the walkie talkie stations in the evening of August 10 2018.

“By this evening, I expect a final solution and the announcement that everything was declassified. If not, the consequences will be very serious. We will make an analysis, the secretary of state is also on it and, there is also a committee analysing this, and depending on what they are going to decide together and on the conclusions they will draw, the explanations for the delay, postponement, together we will decide accordingly,” Vela told Digi 24 private television broadcaster.

He explained that the reason given by the gendarmes units in Constanta, Ploiesti, Craiova and Bucharest for the classification of these conversations was that the almost 300 hours of conversations also included some numbers of units or military procedures that were also classified through other normative acts.

According to the Minister, at this point, all the MAI structures are verified and measures will be taken depending on the results of these verifications.

In his opinion, there are too many people in the offices and too little in the street, and this proportion could be improved in the favour of the ones in the street.

He also added there are situations in which these rules could be understood, but he didn’t want them to be labeled in the future as privileges of policemen.

Asked when these verifications conducted by the Ministry will end, he showed that the MAI has around 130,000 employees, which means that the entire action is very wide and very thorough and relevant, so that the decisions that will be taken shall be “objective”, “taken with celerity” and “impossible to challenge in court and won, with the Ministry then suffering damages.”


Whoever delays declassification of gendarmes’ conversations risks his/her own career


On Thursday, Vela said that whoever would try to delay the declassification of the conversations through the walkie talkie stations among the gendarmes on August 10 2018 risks to lose his/her own career.

Vela told a press conference that the report on August 10 events was fully declassified and made available for the prosecutors.

“We’ve made a step in clarifying what happened on August 10 and we decided to take measures to declassify the talks among the gendarmes via the walkie talkie stations during the two days – August 10 and 11,” showed the Minister.

He specified that, after the declassification, these conversations would be made available for the prosecutor and they would significantly contribute to the clarification of the situation.

“We will be able to establish very clearly who and what orders they gave, and how they were enforced. Basically, we will establish if abuses were committed against the protesters and who committed these abuses. I expected these talks to be already in the case, but some people think they can play with things. But I don’t play and I won’t accept to delay the clarification of the August 10 events not only for a second. Whoever will try to delay the declassification of the conversations [through the walkie talkie stations among the gendarmes on August 10 2018] risks losing his/her own career,” said Vela.



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