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June 26, 2022

Office Barista published its 2019 results: Turnover of EUR 2.5 million from the distribution of coffee and water in corporations

Office Barista, a company specialised in the provision of complete coffee, water and tea solutions for the office environment (B2B services), reaches a turnover of EUR 2.5 million in 2019. Plans for the following year include the continued national expansion of the company.

The company provides premium solutions, in cooperation with partners well-known for service quality, such as Franke, for espresso machines, Waterlogic for water dispensers, and TeaPigs for the selection of teas. On average, according to the calculations of Office Barista, a Romanian corporation invests between 1 and 2 euros for water, on a monthly basis, per employee, with 3 to 5 euros for coffee.

The aim of Office Barista is to provide its clients with products and services of the highest quality standards, to improve office life for employees. From freshly roasted coffee beans, with strong aroma, to water from controlled source purified with innovative technologies, the services of Office Barista are directed towards companies that put the employees first.

The response of the market so far was excellent and a part of the positive feedback is based upon the strategy applied by Office Barista: solutions adapted according to the needs of each company and their employees. In order to make this possible, Office Barista provides free of charge one week of complete access to its services, so that the final offer is structured according to the preferences of the employees of each company. The investment in time and attention for this process provide freedom for the clients to decide whether the proposed solutions are beneficial. Moreover, each selected package includes free consulting services, maintenance and service for the machines.

“At the end of 2019, it is ever clearer that such benefits, as those obtained from our services, can make a working environment more pleasant and healthy. We started from the idea that small and apparently irrelevant things have effects much bigger than we would ever expect. Thus, we invested in technology and partnerships with the best providers on the market. At the same time, we do all this with care to the environment and in observance of all legal health regulations in force. For us, 2019 was a year of growth and development of our teams both operationally and in other departments, such as marketing or sales.

Our aim is to provide solutions that can change for the better the work environment. This is exactly why we provide free access to our services for one week. A company must never purchase the more expensive or cheaper version ion the market, but make the most appropriate choice for its employees. This is our guiding principle and it helped us increase our turnover from year to year, and consider strengthening our national position nationwide”, said Mihai Sugureanu, Office Barista CEO.


The stake for 2020: continued expansion in Romania and a EUR 3.5 million turnover


Office Barista ends 2019 with a turnover of EUR 2.5 million and services provided in Bucharest and in other cities such as Brașov, Iași, Timișoara and Cluj-Napoca. The plan for 2020 is to consolidate the nationwide presence with employees and local training sessions, so that the operational area is covered by people who can react immediately to the requests of our corporate partners. The reaction in cities where Office Barista is already present was very good and the estimates for the turnover for 2020 are already close to EUR 3.5 million.

This estimate increase is also due to investments made by the company in technology, by the digitalisation of business processes – a CRM to manage all customer relations, and also by the streamlining of our online presence to provide better service to our customers, in particular to those without a local representative.

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