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October 27, 2020

Deputy PM Turcan announces staff cuts in public institutions

Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan announced on Saturday that staff cuts will take place in public ministries and institutions, that would even begin to serve the citizen.

“I want the institutions to start serving the citizen and not be a cliche that politicians bring up when they follow at rule. I would like to see at the Government that, if there is a problem, a solution is being sought, not blame to be laid, not scapegoats. It is important to see where the problem comes from, but the paradigm is changing, you have to be there to help people,” Raluca Turcan said in an interview with private TV broadcaster DIGI 24.

She gave as an example the Ministry of Regional Development, where there will be several staff cuts, but in each ministry, the relevant minister will come up with his/her own restructuring plan.

“I spoke for example with the Regional Development minister, who told me that within the institution he leads, a 40 percent- cut is carried out at the level of public dignity, a 30 percent-cut at the level of leadership of the institution, and a 20 percent-reduction at the execution level. Each minister will come with his/her plan, which he/she will present to the prime minister and will say ‘this is the working apparatus that we want’,” Turcan said.

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