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January 25, 2021

Politicians convey messages on Constitution Day, argue that the Fundamental Law needs revision. Iohannis: Any demarche regarding a revision would have to be made with utmost responsibility

President Klaus Iohannis has conveyed on Sunday a message on the Day of Romania’s Constitution in which he said that any demarche regarding a revision would have to be made with utmost responsibility, the goal being a modernised Fundamental Law, which allows the construction of a powerful and efficient state edifice.

“In this entire process of maturing our democracy, the internalisation of constitutional values, the creation of a constitutional culture represents, in fact, the most important process. The state actors invested with power by the Fundamental Law are the ones who transform the constitutional construction in a practical reality. The deep understanding of the meaning and spirit of the constitutional texts, the constitutional good faith and loyalty imply a genuine attachment to the principles of the Fundamental Law,” the President said, according to a press release of the Presidential Administration.

The Constitution is more than a Fundamental Law, added the head of state, it is a commitment for democracy.

“The Constitution gives meaning to the political community, sanctions slippages, limits the power and maintains its balance. It’s symbolic dimension is to establish itself as a benchmark for carrying out the activities of the state institutions in ensuring a responsible governance, in which citizen’s rights and freedoms are effectively guaranteed. As President of Romania, I will remain profoundly dedicated to the constitutional role of watching over the observance of the Fundamental Law and the proper functioning of public authorities. Living under the protection of a democratic constitution is, perhaps, one of the most valuable privileges that a society can know, and the future of this nation directly depends on the understanding of its letter and spirit.


PM Orban: The changes which the Romanian society underwent in the last 28 years highlight the need to amend Constitution


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has conveyed on Sunday morning a message on the occasion of the Day of Romania’s Constitution, arguing that the changes which the Romanian society underwent in the last 28 years highlight the need of improvement at constitutional and legislative level.

“Today marks 28 years since Romanians approved, through referendum, in 1991, the first Constitution of the country after the fall of communism. The day of 8 December, when we mark the Day of Romania’s Constitution has a power of symbol of the guarantee that the fundamental law of the country places at the center citizens’ interest and rights, the rule of law and the ideals of the Revolution of December 1989. The changes which the Romanian society has undergone since then, highlights the continuous need for adaptation to the present and, especially, for improvement at constitutional and legislative level. However, what we’ve experienced over the past years, unfortunately has shown us that the values of the Constitution need to be constantly guarded, so that the slippages of any kind from democracy, from the principles of the rule of law be no longer possible,” Orban stated, according to a Government press release.

The PM also argues in his message that the law is one for all and assures Romanians that he “will cultivate the respect for the law.”

“Citizens’ expectations and interest should be a priority for the decision-making and administrative power of Romania. Let us respect and work for the people, taking, in due time, with good faith and unbiased, the necessary decisions for progress and the common good. Equally, I also believe that it’s useful to even take into account the reexamination of the constitutional and legislative system when we’ll have the opportune political moment, so that democracy be strengthened. We cannot tolerate, in any way, the violation of the Constitution because we want to maintain the European journey which Romania signed up for after the fall of communism safe. It is my belief, as Prime Minister and that of my entire team of ministers,” the PM also mentioned.


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