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August 10, 2022

Adservio is celebrating 11 years of educational modernisation in Romania

More than 300,000 users in hundreds of schools benefit from the advantages of digitalisation


Adservio, the largest digital platform for the educational system in Romania, is celebrating its first 11 years of existence, together with its more than 300,000 users. More than a decade ago, the company started a pilot project in of the high-schools in Iași, fuelled by the determination to modernise education in Romania. Currently, more than 200 education facilities throughout the country use Adservio and downsize bureaucracy by 95%.

The aim of the company is to provide a significant decrease of time-consuming processes, so that teachers can dedicate themselves efficiently to the act of teaching. Even more so, the platform intends to facilitate communicate between all actors involved in the educational process.

“Originally, besides a digital tool to facilitate the entire teaching process, it was also necessary to create a physical infrastructure. There were miles of cables and technical devices used. In the meantime, we had technology available “at the tip of our fingers” and if, in the beginning, people were reluctant and did not come to fully understand the benefits of using technology and the solution we propose for education, we now have 300,000 users, and most of them cannot even begin to comprehend running their daily activities without Adservio.

From the very beginning, our aim was to provide everyone involved in the educational process with easy access to information and the possibility to save time by cutting bureaucracy. Thus, teachers have more time available for what matters most, namely EDUCATION. Benefits provided by the solution created by us are directed equally towards students, parents, teachers, as well as secretaries, headmasters, school inspectors, local authorities and specific authorities. Adservio is a normality of the future, where technology provides time for education and relieves us from bureaucratic tasks”, said Alexandru Holicov (photo), founder of Adservio.


Adservio – results of 111 years of school digitalisation in Romania


In the 11 years of operation, more than 10,000 teachers have been trained to use the technology and attended presentations and workshops set up by Adservio within SuperTeach. At the same time, more than 1,000 headmasters and secretaries benefited from support in using a high-performance tool for school management, so they can make informed decisions, based on centralised data and updated in real time, instantly.

This year, the platform sent more than 5 million messages, thus the users of Adservio – students, parents and teachers – can communicate between them anytime and from anywhere.

Moreover, from the beginning of this school year, Buzău Municipality fully digitalised educational units and the multiple benefits of using technology are already visible. However, there is still an obligation to fill our physical documents, which decreases the impact, given that the Ministry of Education does not allow schools that use technology to eventually eliminate the class book and classic reports.


Adservio technology is transparentising the educational process in Romania and covers 4 European countries


Starting with 2020, together with our partner Telekom, Adservio will commence the expansion in four European countries, as a first step in making the company international.

The development of the Adservio platform always relied on three pillars: elimination of system bureaucracy by automating the processes, modernisation of education by the use of technology and improvement of the connection between students, parents and school.

In this context, each request for report or reports related to school students can be settled via Adservio, with a few clicks. With regard to the activity of a teacher, a few minutes on the platform can eliminate dozens of hours normally dedicated to administrative processes in the school. At the same time, students and parents have instant access to the evolution of the school results, children can do their homework on the platform, read the recommended books via the online library and monitor the school activities that involve them.

With Adservio, teachers have the opportunity to connect with the new generations of students, using the technology familiar to them and creating an even tighter connection.


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