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February 8, 2023

Ex FinMin Teodorovici: PSD to challenge at Constitutional Court if Gov’t assumes responsibility on budget

The social-democrat senator Eugen Teodorovici, former Finance Minister said that if the Orban Gov’t assumes responsibility on the 2020 state budget draft law, the PSD (Social Democratic Party) will challenge it to the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).

“I understand the wish of Orban Cabinet to add no amendments to this draft law, but this approach is not correct. A dangerous precedent is created. The fundamental law says the state budget is submitted to the Parliament to be endorsed. This endorsement means debate. It is fair that all the select committees talk, bring amendments. This is our part, as parliamentarians. To have the possibility to look into a budget bill and realise whether certain amounts of money are foreseen. (…) Talks are made in the CSAT (Supreme Council of Country’s Defence). (…) There must be a talk with the Economic and Social Council (CES), not to mention the public debate our liberal colleagues were stressing upon again and again in the past years. (…) This is the first appeal, at the Constitutional Court, then we will analyse,” Teodorovici told a press conference on Sunday.

According to Agerpres, Teodorovici added that the PSD is not at all afraid of lodging a censure motion against the PNL gov’t.

The former Finance Minister said that for 2019 spending is overestimated and incomes underestimated, whilst for 2020 things stay “the other way around”.

Teodorovici also said that he is waiting for the 2020 state budget bill to compare it with the PSD state budget draft law they have left at the Public Finance Ministry, a draft law that was estimating a 2.8pct deficit.

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