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May 24, 2022

2,400 spectators welcomed the winter holidays together with Madrigal Choir and 1,500 children in Cantus Mundi National Programme

The magic of the three extraordinary Christmas concerts held on December 7, 8 and 10, at the Romanian Athenaeum, by the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” received a standing ovation every evening.

The joy of over 2,000 spectators to attend the traditional show of the famous ensemble, which for more than half a century has brought the spirit of Christmas in the hearts of the Romanians, has led to the tickets being sold out in just a few days since they were put up for sale. The Christmas concert of the Madrigal Choir, conducted by Anna Ungureanu, will be broadcast by Digi 24 TV station on the Christmas Day, December 25, at 22:00.

I am glad that I had the privilege to attend the concert of the Madrigal Choir. What I saw and heard was incredible: on one hand, it’s about the quality and purity of the sound of the ensemble, and the end, the extraordinary moment when hundreds of children entered the hall and sang together with the choir was very impressive. A wonderful idea and a delightful Christmas event that have impressed me very much”, said Michèle Ramis, the Ambassador of the French Republic in Romania.

The festive elegance of the decor – six Christmas trees stood near the building of the Romanian Athenaeum, and other tree were inside, decorated in the same refined manner – and the proposal of the most exciting special pieces dedicated to the Birth of the Lord, selected from both the classical Romanian repertoire of folklore or religious inspiration, but also international musical pages from the modern register, performed for the first time by a Romanian choral ensemble, emphasized the festive atmosphere of the three extraordinary Christmas concerts.


The Christmas Concert of the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” is the longest lasting and consistent cultural event in Romania. For 56 years, every December, the Madrigal Choir brings Christmas into the homes of the Romanians. Around the winter holidays let’s try to leave our worries aside, to gather around the Christmas tree along the sound of the Madrigal and the voices of the children in the Cantus Mundi National Programme and enjoy the light which the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ brings us. The Madrigal Choir and the Cantus Mundi team wish you Happy Holidays!”Emil Pantelimon, manager of the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin”


The fairy tale atmosphere of the most beloved holiday, Christmas, recreated on the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum through the angelic sound of the Madrigal Choir – on December 7 and 8, conducted by Anna Ungureanu, and on December 10, by Cezar Verlan, the second conductor of the ensemble – was completed by the presence of 1,500 small choristers of the Cantus Mundi National Programme. Arriving from all over the country, the children, coordinated by Cezar Verlan and Lacramioara Pauliuc, welcomed the audience every evening during the break of the concert with a musical surprise, and in the hall of the Athenaeum, at the end of the show, the Madrigal Choir performed the last four carols along with the children, and also with the audience overwhelmed with emotion. The musical pieces performed by the young choristers of the Cantus Mundi National Programme were brought into the homes of over 50,000 spectators, being broadcast live on the social media accounts – the Madrigal Choir and Cantus Mundi Romania.

For the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” the year 2019 meant a complex journey of artistry and cultural diplomacy. In January, the choir opened with a concert the inaugural event dedicated to Romania taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In April, they launched the video project “Byzantine Florilegium”, in the masterful interpretation of the Madrigal Choir and 100 children of the Cantus Mundi National Programme, directed by Anna Ungureanu, which was broadcast by 19 national and regional television stations, 19 local television stations and 15 radio stations in Romania. In May, they celebrated the historical visit of Pope Francis to Bucharest, performing in front of thousands of pilgrims a recital in the Romanian Athenaeum Square, along with choirs in the Cantus Mundi Programme. November was the month in which the female vocal singers (soprano and alto) of the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” held a vocal-symphonic concert in Hamburg (Germany) with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra, having Master Ion Marin at the desk.

The National Chamber Choir “Madrigal-Marin Constantin” – is an emblem of the Romanian and universal musical life. Since its establishment in 1963, by conductor Marin Constantin (1925-2011), the Madrigal Choir has held over 4,500 concerts applauded worldwide, thus establishing themselves as a true “country brand”. It is one of the world standards of chamber choral music, with a repertoire from the European Renaissance, Byzantine music and contemporary Romanian and universal pieces. In November 2016, the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” was officially recognized as Ambassador of Freedom, Hope and Peace, receiving the “Jean Nussbaum and Eleanor Roosevelt” award at the United Nations Palace in Geneva, at the Global Summit on Religion, Peace and Security. In 2019, the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” marked the anniversary of 56 years of uninterrupted activity, thus becoming one of the longest lasting choral ensembles.

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