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May 16, 2021

Romanians appreciate refined drinks

At national level, according to Audit Retail Nielsen, single malt whisky consumption increased by over 13% in the first eight months of 2019


In the first eight months of 2019, in Romania, whisky consumption increased by 11% compared to the same period of 2018, and the volume was 2,683,000 liters. The single malt market grew by 13%, representing a share of 2% of total whisky consumption. The data was provided by Nielsen Retail Audit.


Romania is constantly growing in terms of whisky consumption. If in the previous years, the consumer was attracted only by well-known brands, the last years show us that consumption habits have changed. The Romanian consumer spends more time identifying the right drink, he informs himself, he participates at workshops and specialized events.

Whisky Fest took place this year between November 15-16 and it brought together over 1,000 whisky lovers. The event presented 200 labels to the public, 9 masterclass meetings, international speakers and special activations of the involved brands.

Regarding premium whisky, single malt whisky consumption marked a double digit increase  compared to the previous year due to the a special attention of the consumer for his drink.

Alexandrion Group, the leader of the spirits market in Romania, launched in 2017 the Single Malt Society project, the first community dedicated to single malt whisky lovers. The community currently has more than 3000 subscribers in online (sinlgemaltsociety.ro and social media), and offline, nationwide, Single Malt Society activates through tastings, workshops, debates (over 25 events only in 2019), in cities such as Bucharest, Cluj, Iași, Timișoara, Craiova.

Dragoș Mateescu, Single Malt Society specialist: “2019 was an excellent year for the world of whisky. These rising percentages only prove that Romanians have started to be very careful with the choices they make. The Romanian consumer gradually learned to go beyond the name of a brand and to discover the taste and the story hidden in a glass of single malt. This year, during the Single Malt Society events, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a large audience, eager to find out more and more about this type of whisky. I am convinced that the 2020 will surprise us with a growing interest from the consumers. At the same time, 2020 will be a reference year for the whisky industry in Romania, due to the launch of the first local single malt. This year, another 250 barrels were filled in the cellar for maturation, which means a continuous distillation and increased attention to quality. For all this, a dedicated master blender ensures the existence of a constant production of the basic range.

At the initiative of Alexandrion Group, 2020 will become a reference year for the single malt world, for Romania and its position on the map of the single malt producing and consuming countries. Next year, the first Romanian single malt produced 100% in Romania should.

Allan Anderson, International drinks specialist: “In the production of single malt you have to use all the resources you have and here we also include the weather. In Romania, the cellar temperature is breezy which is an advantage, in combination with a temperate continental climate. In Scotland, the climate is colder, which is also why the distillate matures for a longer period of time”.

According to the hypotheses issued by the main players in the spirits industry in Romania, 2020 will register substantial increases in all categories and will bring improvements to the profile of the Romanian whisky consumer.


About Alexandrion Group


Alexandrion Group is the market leader in production and distribution of wines and alcoholic beverages in Romania and from 2017 the sole producer of single malt of the country. The Group is formed of Alexandrion Distilleries and SABER 1789 Distilleries which together amount to a history of over 200 years of activity in the local spirits industry, creating together one of the most powerful brands of Romania, known locally and internationally for their exquisite quality and refinement. The product portfolio encompasses all categories of spirit beverages, including traditional alcoholic drinks. Out of the plethora of options, the best known are Alexandrion 5* and 7*,  the famous Brâncoveanu brandy XO, VS and VSOP, the fruit liquor SABER Elyzia, the fruit distilled Zolmyr, Kreskova Vodka, as well as many other products that have assured the company’s leadership position on the spirituous and Romanian traditional beverages market. Brands under the Alexander umbrella (Alexander Vodka, Alexander Lemon and Alexander Gin) have been acquired in the year 2000. Starting with 2018, the Group extended its activity through an acquisition of 6 new companies, which represent a separate entity in the group – THE ICONIC ESTATE, completing the portfolio with awarded still and sparkling wines.

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