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April 1, 2023

Coletaria.ro reaches 135 pick-up points in Romania amid a rapid increase in the demand for alternative delivery solutions

Coletaria.ro, an expert in the transport and delivery of parcels for online stores, part of Packeta group in the Czech Republic, with the largest network of pick-up points in the Central and Eastern Europe, expands its pick-up point network in Romania to 135 units and estimates to triple their number in 2020, according to a press release issued by the company.

The network expansion comes amid the rapid increase in the demand for alternative delivery solutions, Coletaria.ro providing online stores with a cheap and efficient solution for the transport of packages, with prices starting from 6 lei/parcel, smaller, on average, up to 40% as compared to the price of the competitors. At the same time, the end clients have the possibility to pick up the products ordered online in a simple and fast way, from the pick-up points of the orders located in commercial units, in very accessible areas, also benefiting from support at the pick-up point for the release of the parcel and payment. In addition to this alternative delivery solution in pick-up points, Coletaria.ro is a logistic platform that also provides the online stores with the classic solution of home delivery.

„We have noticed a greater interest from the online stores and from the end clients for alternative delivery solutions, insofar as the Romanian eCommerce market is experiencing significant increases, as well as delays in the delivery of orders. Coletaria.ro proposes a different approach, such as pick-up points, from where clients can pick up and pay for the products ordered online, being located in commercial units which they visit frequently, larger shops, smaller shops, local shops”, said Alexandr Jeleascov, CEO of Coletaria.ro.

Order pick-up points are currently a real phenomenon in Europe and have three major benefits: guarantee of the lowest transport price, while the quality of the services is maintained at the highest level; the day and the time of the order pick-up are decided completely by the client; easy to claim and see the products on the spot.

How does it work? The client selects the pick-up point closest to his area on the courier page of the website where the order is placed. The product reaches the pick-up point between 24 and 48 hours at the latest. The client is informed permanently by e-mail about the status of his parcel in transit. When the parcel has reached the pick-up point, the customer receives by e-mail and SMS a unique password that will be used to pick it up. Due to the use of the password, no other form of identification is required, and the process of actual pick-up of the product takes about 1 minute.

The product delivery and pick-up processes are the same and easy to use for international orders. By a simple integration with Coletaria.ro, the online stores can deliver parcels to all 28 countries in the European Union, in addition to Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and the clients can either pick up the products from any of the 3,837 pick-up points in Central and Eastern Europe, or opt for home delivery, Coletaria.ro having partnerships with over 100 international carriers.

„We offer to entrepreneurs who want to sell their products outside Romania the guarantee of an advantageous cost of delivery. We ensure the connection of the Romanian stores with marketplaces in Europe, for a rapid expansion of the business online and we offer, through the already existing network of partners, legal consulting services, establishment of companies, for opening of bank accounts, payment methods, translations, marketing, etc.”, added Alexandr Jeleascov, CEO of Coletaria.ro.

At present, Coletaria.ro has over 50 clients as online stores in Romania and over 28,000 worldwide, and 30% of the clients in Romania already do international deliveries.

“Against the background of the increasing eCommerce market in Romania, the domestic online stores have also started to turn their attention to clients abroad, but the cross-border sales in Romania are not yet at the same level as those in other European countries. We estimate, for next year, an increase of over 10% in the online commerce with cross-border delivery”, said Alexandr Jeleascov.

The increase in international deliveries takes place concomitantly with the streamlining of the logistics area, with the integration with international marketplaces, most of the online stores using the infrastructure provided by the marketplaces, and with easier access to the consultancy services that cover all the needs of an online store that wants to also market its products outside Romania.

In order to support the online stores in Romania, Coletaria.ro offers, in January 2020, 50% discount on the delivery cost to any pick-up point in Romania, and 30% discount on any international delivery in the 30 countries where it operates.

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