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August 2, 2021

PM Orban:  PNL won’t start the procedures to trigger early elections without having minimum guarantees that they’ll be successfully completed

Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban has stated on Friday that the Liberals further want early elections, but they don’t play with the fate of the country by inducing a possible crisis if there aren’t enough MPs to support the idea.

“Today, the PNL is the party which desires early elections the most. On the other hand, I have to tell you that we are a responsible party which doesn’t play with Romania’s fate and we will not commit to this procedure to trigger early elections without having minimum guarantees that it’s possible to be successfully completed. If they are possible, the PNL will start the procedures to trigger early elections,” Orban told a news conference in Timisoara.

The PNL leader brought to mind that triggering early elections is “a pretty complicated mechanism stipulated by the Constitution, in which after the fall of a government, in order to dissolve Parliament, it’s mandatory that the two government proposals get rejected by Parliament.

“In order to trigger the early elections procedure, we need an agreement, a partnership between some political formations which can provide a minimum guarantee that there is half of Romania’s Parliament consenting to this agreement of not voting for the two government proposals, otherwise, we embark in an adventure that can only cause a governmental crisis and instability, insecurity for the citizens, as well as for the foreign partners, without having the guarantee that we reach a denouement,” Ludovic Orban stated.

When asked about his possible resignation in order to trigger early elections, Orban stated: “So, we will trigger the early election procedure when we’ll have a minimum guarantee that there is half of Romania’s Parliament that doesn’t vote for the two government proposals.”

The PNL leader added that he is constantly trying to communicate with partners of other political formations regarding the early elections topic.

When asked about a possible reshuffle, Orban said that this Government has been in office for a month and a half, and he is pleased with the current ministers.


Liberals  support election of mayors in two rounds, with debate and vote in Parliament


PNL (National Liberal Party) leader Ludovic Orban said on Friday that Liberals support the election of mayors in two rounds, provided that the topic is debated and voted in Parliament, since other modalities of adoption of such regulations can be later attacked.

“PNL supports the election of mayors in two rounds (…) We are the initiators of a draft law that is pending debate in Parliament, but the PSD (Social Democratic Party) is blocking the debate in the Chamber of Deputies, because this party is afraid that this project will pass. They used a procedural trick, they basically artificially resuscitated a committee on the electoral code that was almost buried, just to delay the debate on this project in the Chamber of Deputies,’ Orban told a press conference.

The PNL leader also said the initiative would be supported by 173 MPs, according to the calculations made by the Government.

“We must reach the plenum of the Deputies’ Chamber and we must be mobilized ourselves, without any absence, in order to be able to vote for this draft law,” said the chair of PNL.

In respect to a possible emergency ordinance on this topic, Orban said: “I cannot make the same mistakes that I saw PM Ponta doing and for which I criticized him at the time, when he was PSD’s presidential candidate and he modified the law on the presidential elections in 2014 to his personal advantage. Emergency ordinances are a constitutional instrument, by which one can modify the election law and, in general, the election laws.”

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