President Iohannis:  Snap elections scenario is 50 percent realistic

President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Friday that the scenario of organising early elections is 50 percent realistic, showing that there are two versions to get to such a situation.

“The early elections scenario is 50 percent realistic,” Iohannis stated, at an informal meeting with journalists held at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

The President said that in order to organise early elections there are two versions, namely the resignation of incumbent Prime Minister Ludovic Orban or the adoption of a censure motion in Parliament.

“There are two versions, whether he resigns, whether he drafts a law so there are sufficient dissatisfied people so they can topple the Government through censure motion. Other versions are less probable,” the head of state explained.

He added that triggering early elections represents a decision which belongs to the Government.

According to the President, even if early elections are to be organised, the Prime Minister would still be Ludovic Orban.

Iohannis said he is content with the activity of the Government.

“Problems will surface all the time, because the PSD [the Social Democratic Party] has many MPs. Regarding the PSD, old habits die hard. They will come with some of the most harmful initiatives to the Government,” he argued.

In terms of the City Hal of Bucharest, Iohannis said that he would prefer a general mayor other than one from the PSD.

“It’s preferably to be from the PNL [“the National Liberal Party”],” he stated, mentioning that he had no discussions with the Liberals regarding the candidates to the local elections of next year.


We will replace George Maior from position of ambassador to USA


President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday that George Maior will be replaced from the position of Romania’s ambassador to the United States.

“We will replace him. At the beginning of next year we will start this evaluation,” said the head of state, in an informal meeting with journalists organized at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He stated that it is not mandatory for the ambassador’s term of office to end in due time, adding that it may be extended.

“The mandate is quite flexible,” said Iohannis.


 It’s possible to increase retirement age for physicians and teaching staff up to 70


President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday he supported the idea of pushing retirement age for physicians and the teaching staff up to 70 years old.

“We have to give them the chance to stay as long as possible in the system, if they want to. But only if they want to. We have very good professionals who can also work after retirement, and the shortage of highly skilled workforce is very high. (…) so that it seems legitimate to allow people to work and the society to benefit from their skills,” the head of state said in an informal meeting with journalists.

He also showed that, so far, with regard to the elimination of special pensions, nothing has been done and that it is “just a media bubble”.

He also stated that there is money for the payment of special pensions in the current budget, but a new analysis must be carried out for the period after the 40 per cent increase of the state pensions will become a fact as of September 2020.

“The budget will be accepted with or without the Constitutional Court,” Iohannis said.

The head of state explained that the education budget was increased.

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