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June 25, 2022

President Iohannis, PM Orban attend “The Romanian Revolution: 30 years of freedom” exhibition: The culprits of the Revolution of December 1989 must be brought to justice

President Klaus Iohannis has stated at the Romanian Athenaeum on Sunday that the culprits of the Revolution of December 1989 must be brought to justice and called on all Romanians to “speak loud and clear about the Revolution of December 1989.”

The head of state says that “the best antidote against forgetfulness” is evoking the facts, now and forever, as well as protecting and caring for the memory of our heroes.”

“I call on all Romanians, on the occasion of marking the Victory Day of the Romanian Revolution and Freedom, to speak loud and clear about the Revolution of December 1989. The anti-communist Revolution existed, just as the communist regime mutilated the destiny of this country! Let the truth come to light, let us not go around it! On the one hand there was the love of the country, defended by our heroes and martyrs, and on the other hand, the hatred and tyranny in the hands of a dictator and his acolytes,” the head of state said.

He spoke about the importance of justice in elucidating the events which occurred in December 1989. “Only by clearly assuming what was good, but also what was bad, we will be able to build a just country. We have often said we want to know the truth about December 1989, we want the culprits be brought to justice. We want justice!,” the head of state pointed out.

According to him, “our society needs to heal because normal, safe, prosperous and predictable Romania needs the truth.”

“Future generations need this act of justice, because only from justice can the free spirit spring up. Until the Justice fulfills this historic duty, I find extremely appropriated Mrs. Ana Blandiana’s words: ‘When justice does not succeed in being a form of memory, memory alone can be a form of justice,'” the President added.

Klaus Iohannis brought to mind the current challenges, underscoring that “the gifts of freedom are priceless.” “We all know that democracy has its own vulnerabilities. But how can the freedoms be defended by each one of us? In order to respond to this question, I chose the words of a woman of amazing power, a symbol of the anti-communist fight. Doina Cornea once said how can you resist in the face of the danger around you: ‘What I have to do is keep, at all costs, my inner quality and make the original values live within me’,” he said.

The exhibition called “The Romanian Revolution: 30 years of freedom” at the Romanian Athenaeum includes photos from AGREPRES National News Agency Archive, which puts at disposal a documented photo archive of the events of December 1989. The opening was followed by a concert performed by the “George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir.


PM Orban: Only the culprits want to hide the truth


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has stated on Sunday, when referring to the Romanian Revolution, that “only the culprits want to hide the truth” and, at the same time, “they want to forget the crimes of those days.”

Attending the opening of the photo exhibition called “The Romanian Revolution: 30 years of freedom”, the Government head paid homage to those who fought during the Revolution. “Those who have experienced the Romanian Revolution of 1989 know what they lived, thought, why they took to the streets, why they risked their lives day and night in front of bullets. These images show us who are the people, most of them anonymous, who opened a new era in the history of the country. We should include them in the national pantheon,” the Executive head explained.

In this context, Orban underscored the need to find out the truth in respect to the events of December 1989.

“We owe them, as well as younger generations the truth and we will not give up this duty, and I say very clearly to the voices of those who ask us to turn our back on the truth of the Revolution: only the culprits want to forget such crimes, only the culprits want to hide the truth. Romania wants to stand on the side of truth and justice, it wants to honor the heroes of December 1989, both through symbolic gestures and deeds. We want to do them justice,” the PM argued.

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