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October 4, 2022

The Embassy of China in Bucharest reacts to the U.S. Ambassador statements on Chinese 5G technology: He spoke bad without any reason at all. We strongly oppose this

The US Ambassador in Bucharest “spoke badly about the Chinese 5G technology without any reason at all,” said the Chinese Embassy’s spokesman in Bucharest, Tang Fujian, in a statement released on Tuesday to Agerpres..

According to this source, on Friday, the US ambassador in Bucharest, Adrian Zuckerman, “said something about the 5G technology during his speech in Timisoara.” In this context, the spokesperson for China’s diplomatic mission said that “the US ambassador spoke badly about the Chinese 5G technology without any reason at all.”

“We strongly oppose this. For a long time, the United States has tried hard to exaggerate the security problems related to the Chinese 5G technology, but so far the US has not been able to provide any evidence of this so-called ‘security risk.’ Abuse of the state power and oppression against enterprises from other countries through political means is shameful and not proper for a high-power like the US,” the Chinese Embassy spokesman said.

He also referred to the activity of the Chinese company Huawei in Romania.

“Huawei has invested and operated in Romania for many years and has never posed any danger to cyber security. Huawei has been active in building Romania’s communications network, creating thousands of jobs and making important contributions to tax revenues, helping develop the digital economy and contributing to the social progress made by Romania. The pragmatic cooperation between China and Romania created a very tight community sharing the same interests. The Government of China always encourages Chinese companies to develop economic and trade cooperation in various fields, including in telecommunications, based on the international norms and the laws of the respective country,” added Tang Fujian.

At the same time, the representative of the diplomatic mission said that “the government of China does not support any enterprise to engage in any activity that harms the legitimate security interests of other countries”.

“We are willing to work with the international community to address cyber security threats through dialogue and cooperation based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefits. Guided by the principle of consultation, cooperation and mutual benefits for all, China will continue to share the major opportunities brought by the new round of the technological revolution with the other countries, to intensify exchanges and cooperation in scientific and technological fields, including 5G technology, and to contribute more to the well-being of all mankind,” said the same source.

The diplomat also appreciated that the US had “permanently oppressed and choked certain Chinese companies.” “Such harsh intimidating behavior has met strong opposition from China and other countries in support of justice,” said Tang Fujian.

The US Ambassador to Romania, Adrian Zuckerman, spoke on Friday in Timisoara about the 5G technology.

“Romania looks fantastic after 30 years, things have been done that I could not imagine. Unfortunately, there are still things to do, there are a lot of malignant influences, coming from the neighbors from the north, negative influences coming from the Chinese Communists. Now, 30 years after the Communists fell, it’s a bit strange to have discussions on topics like 5G with the Communist Chinese. I am sorry that these things happen, but we have to move forward and keep in mind all the time human dignity and freedom”, Zuckerman said.

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