Orban: Decisions on reorganisation of ministries, most likely to be adopted by January 15

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has stated on Monday that the decisions regarding the reorganisation and functioning of ministries will be most likely adopted by 15 January.

“At the last meeting I requested you to come up with the draft government decisions for the organisation and functioning of each ministry, with two exceptions, the Defence Ministry and the Interior Ministry, there, where the CSAT [Romania’s Supreme Council for National Defence ] opinion is necessary and we’ll have to carry out a separate discussion. It’s a first talk, we adopt only those Government decisions where we clarified all the aspects related to the optimisation, the efficiency of each ministry. We will discuss the government decisions and after we make all the decisions, we will adopt them most likely by 15 January, this is the term I give you,” Orban stated in the beginning of the Government meeting.

In Monday’s Government meeting also presented, in a first reading, were the decisions regarding the reorganisation of the Public Finance Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry.


Executive adopts emergency ordinance for the dismantling of the December 1989 Romanian Revolution Institute


The government adopted at its Monday sitting the emergency ordinance providing for the dismantling of the December 1989 Romanian Revolution Institute headed by former President Ion Iliescu as chairman, Gelu Voican Voiculescu – as managing director, and Emilian Cutean as secretary general.

The destination of the dismantled institute’s assets will be determined by Government Resolution, within 30 days from the coming into force of the respective emergency ordinance.

The government argued that “since its creation and up until now, the activity of the December 1989 Romanian Revolution Institute has proved to be irrelevant in relation to its spending from the state budget through the transfers made from the budget of the Romanian Senate.”

Also, the ordinance states that “ever since its establishment under Law No. 556 of December 7, 2004, the institution has actually represented a political platform, and despite listing its own revenues as a source of financing, the institution’s activity has been almost entirely financed from the state budget right from the beginning.”

The document also mentions that “as a matter of fact, the events organized by the Institute were aimed at propagating in the public space interpretations on the 1989 Romanian Revolution meant to dispute the ongoing probing conducted by the investigative bodies in the ‘Revolution Case'”.

Also, the December 1989 Romanian Revolution Institute has “a legal status that is atypical for the institutional structure of the Romanian state, as its specificity is that of a foundation rather than of a public institution,” the document mentions.

The adoption of the Ordinance “has in view the need to remove the serious malfunctions in the activity of public institutions, to prevent social incidents and to urgently stop the spending of public funds that do not serve the public interest, but only damage the good functioning of the society”.

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