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May 27, 2022

President Iohannis: Situation in Iraq concerns us because we have many Romanians in the Middle East area

President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Tuesday that he pays a lot of attention to the situation in Iraq and he is constantly in contact with Romanian Foreign Affairs and Defence Ministers regarding this topic.

Klaus Iohannis, who has paid  a working visit to Munich on Tuesday, argued that the solution for the crisis in the area is a diplomatic approach and the return to calmness.

“The Strategic Partnership with the United States is solid and functions very well, and the anti-missile system in Deveselu is part of the defensive system of NATO and it is good that it works very well. I don’t see here any kind of problems, however, we have to be realistic: the situation in Iraq concerns us because we have many Romanian citizens living and working in the Middle East area, we also have people in Iraq, we also have people in other countries in the area, you know very well. We have representations and, in this regard, there are a series of Romanian citizens exposed in the area. We are concerned and we will take all the measures to be a real support if needed. On the other hand, we also have servicemen in Iraq, stationed, who are part of the NATO forces who participate in various training projects. There are trainers on our behalf and, obviously, their safety concerns us. A part of our servicemen have already been relocated. Thus, the topic is very important for us. I personally pay a lot of attention to it. I am in permanent contact with the Government and, especially, with the ministers dealing with these matters, namely the Foreign Affairs and Defence [Ministers] and I am convinced that the only solution for this crisis which emerged – we cannot say otherwise – it’s a calm, diplomatic approach and the return to calmness in this area,” Iohannis mentioned.

The head of state participated on Tuesday in the annual meeting of the parliamentary group of the Christian Social Union (CSU) of Bundestag (the Lower Chamber of Parliament), occasion on which he presented Romania’s vision regarding the future of Europe.  He also carried out a dialogue about the European agenda priorities.

He also said that within this meeting a series of topical issues such as the Multiannual Financial Framework, Brexit, migration policy will be tackled and underscored the support received from Germany in the first half of 2019 when Romania held the rotating Presidency of the European Union Council.

“All these matters represent priorities for us and I am very determined and Romania’s Government is very determined to fully get involved in order to find together with the others of the European Union solutions to these issues,” the President stated. “We held in the first half of 2019 the Presidency of the EU Council. We had some notable results and I underscored that the support received from Germany’s representatives was very important and essential in some solutions and I want to further continue this good collaboration in the second part of the year, when Germany holds the Council Presidency,” he mentioned, according to Agerpres.

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