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August 14, 2022

President Iohannis: Romania’s interests not affected by the aggravation of the security situation in the Middle East

Romania’s interests were not affected by the aggravation of the security situation in the Middle East, stated on Thursday, in a press statement at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, President Klaus Iohannis.

“In the past days we have observed the aggravation of the security situation in the Middle East, which affects especially the stability in Iraq and in the region. The amplification of tensions is not in the interest of the region, nor of the international community. The main institutions of the Iraqi state must be able to function in stability and security conditions in order to identify peaceful solutions to the benefit of citizens. These recent developments have an impact at an international level and are relevant to the security of Europe and our citizens, not only for the security of states directly involved. Up to now, the interests of Romania were not directly affected, and I’m referring firstly to the security of Romanian citizens, including the security of our servicemen in Iraq,” said Iohannis.

He gave assurances that Romania is permanently coordinating within NATO and the EU, as well as at the bilateral level, with its strategic partners, firstly the United States of America, in what regards the fundamental security objectives, both those national, as well as those of the trans-Atlantic community.

“Romania condemned the escalation of tensions caused by the attack on the Embassy of the United States of America in Baghdad and we have expressed our position, including in relation to the rocket attack against the Iraqi bases that host American forces and personnel of the anti-Daesh coalition,” Iohannis also said.

In that context, the head of state hailed the statement on Wednesday of the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, and showed that Romania supports the unity, independence, sovereignty and integrity of the Iraqi territory.


“Over the years, Romania had an important role in the efforts to stabilize and reconstruct this country, as part of joint international demarches. These processes must continue, firstly in the interest of the Iraqi citizens and in order to not waste substantial efforts in this sense. Our common fight, of the international partners and the institutions and citizens of this country, against terrorism must firmly continue. There is no need for new conflict hotspots, but for the coagulation of efforts to bring peace in the region and to offer the security necessary for reconstruction,” stated Iohannis.


He claimed that through the calling of an extraordinary Council of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the member-states of the European Union, on Friday, in Brussels, the EU may be part in finding solutions to reduce tensions and calm the situation.

“Romania will remit its evaluations and its firm messages in this line, together with our availability to contribute to constructive joint solutions,” the head of state emphasized.

“There is certainly need to prevent a spiral of instability. I believe that we, and our allies, the relevant international organizations, but also all the states in the region, must act in favor of this objective. Calm and resuming dialogue to defuse the situation, together with respecting the assumed international commitments, are essential conditions to identify long-term solutions,” Iohannis completed.

He mentioned that in the discussions with his American counterpart the problem of relocating bases from other countries to Romania was not approached concretely.

The head of state showed that NATO can be more involved, through training personnel, for example.

“We must have in view the second stage, that of reconstruction, and here Romania is interested in being part of the states that are taking care of reconstruction actions,” Iohannis added.

“Our servicemen, who are involved in the training projects for the Iraqi forces, were temporarily relocated to a safe location, where they await the calming of this situation, after which, probably, in the vision of NATO as well, they will resume activity. And those who are not directly involved in actions, but are in readied contingents will remain in this situation,” President Klaus Iohannis explained, according to Agerpres.

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