What are the chances of a censure motion tabled by PSD against Orban Gov’t? President Iohannis is skeptical

President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that he is quite skeptical about the Social Democratic Party (PSD) tabling of a censure motion against the Orban Government.

“Statements are made in the heat of the moment, and everyone declares their acceptance or the other way around. To be honest, I’m quite skeptical about the statement about the motion,” Iohannis said at Cotroceni Palace.

He argued that the bill on the election of mayors in two rounds of polls does not violate any rule, and it is a modification that gives more options to the voter.

“It is an argument provided precisely by those who for three years have demonstrated that they wanted to curtail democracy in Romania, as someone of PSD has said. (…) There is no change in the sense of restricting rights or opportunities. On the contrary, a return is being made to the two-round mayoral elections that used to be in place until a few years ago. It does not violate any rule,” said Iohannis.

He was asked if he received assurances from Prime Minister Ludovic Orban that a censure motion would not succeed.

“I do not think that the prime minister or anyone can give assurances that it will pass or fail. It is a parliamentary step that has not been initiated. We are talking about something that is not. The only sure thing is the government assuming responsibility,” said Iohannis.

He added that it would seem odd for a motion of censure against the Orban government to be voted on by the National Liberal Party (PNL), which national leader is Orban.

“They are not PSD, which took down its own government,” added Iohannis.

Asked if an alternative to triggering early elections would be for Prime Minister Ludovic Orban to step down, he replied: “Certainly there are solutions for early elections. Yes, there are!.”


 Ciolacu: We will submit a motion of censure together with our partners, the UDMR group, and I am certain it  will pass


Interim PSD (Social Democratic Party) leader Marcel Ciolacu on Thursday stated in Slatina that the PSD will file a censure motion together with the UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania), after the government announced it would take responsibility for the election of mayors in two rounds.

“We will submit a motion of censure together with our partners, the UDMR group, and I am certain the censure motion will pass. (…) No, we will not have early polls. We will prove that we have the capacity to create a new parliamentary majority,” Ciolacu said.

The interim leader of the PSD reiterated that, in the situation in which the censure motion does pass, the PSD will not promote a party member as the PM proposal.

“Don’t ask us to promote a member of the party to become the Prime Minister. We will seek to propose someone else, from outside the PSD,” Ciolacu said.


UDMR’s Kelemen: We’ll vote for a censure motion submitted by PSD


National chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor on Thursday told AGERPRES that UDMR will vote for a censure motion if the Ludovic Orban government assume responsibility before Parliament for two-round mayoral elections, adding that his party is not interested in governing at this time.

“After the prime minister’s announcement, we expect him to come to Parliament with the letter of commitment and then there has to be a censure motion from those who disagree with both the procedure and the content of the procedure. We have said from the very beginning that no one can ask us anything that is against the interests of the community. So we have not endorsed mayors being elected in two-round polls and said that we will do everything in our power by parliamentary means not to change the rules of the game in 2020 just a few months before the local elections. Therefore, in the case of responsibility being assumed, the only possibility for the law not to come into force is to overthrow the government and that can be done through a censure motion. We expect there will be a censure motion and we will vote on the censure motion when debated in Parliament and voted on. It’s ok, we are not in conflict with anyone; our position was known when we signed that PNL Government support agreement,” said Kelemen.

He added that he had a phone conversation with the prime minister before the government meeting.

“Ludovic Orban called me; I talked to him before the government meeting. He told me what he was to do, I told him I understood and I told him if there was a possibility to table a censure motion we would submit one and vote on it. That’s life,” said Kelemen.


Korodi Attila: Yes, we will support the motion


Leader of the UMDR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) Group in the Deputies Chamber, Korodi Attila, on Thursday told AGERPRES that the MPs of this political entity will vote for the censure motion that the PSD (Social Democratic Party) wants to submit, after the Government announced it will assume responsibility for the law on the election of mayors in two rounds.

“If there are enough signatures to submit a motion of censure against the Government assuming responsibility for the law on the election of mayors in two rounds, then the UDMR will support the motion. Yes, we will support the motion, if it comes to that. This is a decision that became clear to us the moment when we talked with the Liberals about the shaping of the current Government, which was needed and is need, and we said that this option, for us, cannot be supported, and if it comes to that, we will have to vote against the Government, to vote for the motion,” Korodi Attila told AGERPRES.

He also said he will discuss with the PSD, analyze the matter and in the end the leadership of the Union will decide.

“On the other hand, the Save Romania Union (USR) national leader,  Dan Barna stressed on Thursday that his party won’t support any motion or any other action that “is meant to stop the citizens from electing their legitimate mayors”.

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