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May 5, 2021

PM Orban: Children’s allowances will be doubled if the financial resources are found

The children’s state allowances will be doubled if the financial resources are found, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban told Hotnews website on Sunday.

“If financial resources exist (…) I don’t like to lie. Even if we wanted to increase the (child) benefit we couldn’t because the State Budget Law was already endorsed at the time the Child Benefit Law was promulgated,” Orban explained, when asked whether the state children allowances were to be increased as of this year’s half.

He recalled that the children benefits rose the long of the time due to the PNL (National Liberal Party, at rule, ed. n.) in 2015 and in 2019, and that the liberals have also promoted the mechanism of their annual indexing so to compensate the inflation-determined purchase power losses.

“This allowances’ growth is generating to the State Budget an additional 6.3 billion RON spending, according to calculations by the Finance Ministry. Add to this yet another 16 billion RON to ensure the pensions’ increase according to the Pension Law, and add also the Pay Law, the 1/4 increase of the salaries this year, so to get it about the budgetary impact. The Government (…) has no possibility to collect the money from ether so that to ensure the money necessary for some budgetary expenses. Spending must be dimensioned according to the incomes. (…) Nowhere in this world is there a doubling twice in a single year of the state benefits for children. Besides, if one only looks to the PSD members’ statements (one) will see that they only wanted to get vengeance on us, we’ll show the PNL what the doubling of the child benefit means. It was a mere political fight,” the PM added, as quoted by Agerpres.

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