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October 8, 2022

Lime introduces LimePass weekly subscription service in Romania

Lime announces the launch of a new subscription service available in Bucharest designed to help commuters and everyday scooter riders get the most out of micro mobility. Bucharest has proved an amazing interest in using e-scooters, with thousands of hundreds of users registered since the launch in May 2019. The new subscription service is available as of 15th of January.

Starting last week, LimePass has been introduced in Bucharest, alongside other countries across EMEA region. The subscription service is designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing number of micro mobility riders, simplifying commutes and rewarding those who often use electric scooters for their day-to-day transportation needs in a heavy traffic city.

According to Lime regional statistics, the majority of riders are residents and 40% of all Lime weekly rides are taking place during peak commuting hours. Bucharest is next to Moscow and Istanbul amongst the busiest European cities in terms of car traffic, according to TomTom Traffic Index. The most recent statistics collected show that Bucharest people spend 48% extra time, in traffic every day. In general, Bucharest people daily spend almost 30 minutes stuck in traffic, in the morning and in the evening. *




The Lime Week Pass offers unlimited free scooter unlocks for seven consecutive days. After paying an opt-in fee, users can unlock rides for free for the next seven days. It’s the first such weekly subscription pass to launch in the micro mobility industry. The Lime Week Pass for riders in Bucharest will cost 18 RON.  Depending on how often a rider uses Lime, the subscription can pay for itself in as little as 2-3 days. As an example, a user who would have unlocked his scooters twice a day would reach a reduction of almost 60% on unlock fees. The Lime Pass has been launched in December in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and available in Europe since January.

“Lime core promise revolves around efficiency and improving urban mobility. We are excited to introduce our first-ever subscription service in Bucharest, which can serve our riders with a more comfortable and efficient way to get around their city. Lime data shows that electric scooters are primarily rented by city residents and with our new LimePass service, we’re proud to offer them a more cost-efficient way to move around and manage their busy schedules” – commented Luca Mateescu, Operations Manager Lime Romania.




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