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April 23, 2021

Anniversary of the Small Union: New opportunity for the governors to resume promises on the construction of motorways

Orban: Construction of Iasi-Targu Mures and Sibiu-Pitesti motorways,  two greater priorities of the Government


The construction of the Iasi-Targu Mures and Sibiu-Pitesti motorways are two of the Government’s greater priorities, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said in Iasi on Friday.

Attending the events dedicated to the Unification of the Romanian Principalities, the head of the Executive showed that both motorways “are fundamental to ensure the connection between the historical provinces”.

“Our objective is to finance the Unirii [Union – ed.n.] motorway, both the feasibility study and the construction, from European funds, through the multi-annual financial exercise 2021-2027. There are two greater priorities: the Unirii motorway and Sibiu-Pitesti motorway, which are fundamental to ensures the connection between the historical provinces and, especially for you, to really ensure the connection to the motorway European transport network. Moreover, we are already preparing, you know very well that the President of Romania was the one who organized the meeting of the Three Seas where the financing of a motorway project to ensure the north-south connection in the east of the European Union was put in place. This project, which corresponds largely with the Pan European Corridor IX, will be focus of our persistence and efforts to obtain funding and to complete it,” said Orban, according to Agerpres.

He gave assurances that, at the next government meeting, the Iasi-Targu Mures motorway project will be transferred from the Strategy and Forecast Committee to the Ministry of Transport.

At the same time, the prime minister spoke about the need to modernize the railway line that connects the north of the country with Bucharest.

“Also, we have budgeted for – and we will certainly accomplish it – ensuring the modernization of the railway, the main railway network that crosses Moldova, something that has never been done, by purchasing the most modern technology that provides capital repair or modernization where necessary,” the prime minister went on to say.


President Iohannis: The Romanians and Romania need the Unirii Motorway


President Klaus Iohannis, who participated on Friday in the events dedicated to the Unification of the Romanian Principalities in Iasi, conveyed to the governors that the Romanians and Romania need the Unirii (Union – ed.n.) Motorway, a ‘project enshrined by law’, which ‘obliges ‘the state to build a high-speed motorway over the Carpathians, thus uniting the historical provinces, the head of state emphasizing that without this motorway Moldova will not be able to recover the economic gap from the rest of the regions.

“Because we are in Iasi, in the heart of Moldova, I send a strong signal to the governors: the Romanians and Romania need the Unirii Motorway, a project enshrined by law, which obliges the state to make a high-speed motorway over the Carpathians. The historical provinces, Moldova and Transylvania, must be united! Without this motorway, Moldova will not be able to recover the economic gap,” the president affirmed in front of the approximately 8,000 people attending on Friday the events organized by the local authorities in Unirii Square.

Klaus Iohannis brought to mind the historical events that took place in 1859 in Iasi and Bucharest – an act of great political ability, when the foundations of a modern state were laid.

“For us, Romanians, nothing was easily and handily won in our past. It was the same in 1859, when the political situation of the Romanian principalities was extremely complicated, the tensions, political and social divisions, the internal and external obstacles were not lacking back then, either. However, despite all the challenges, the Romanians’ solidarity and desire to unite represented an incredible force,” said Iohannis.

He was booed by a group of participants in the events both upon arrival in the Unirii Square and while he was reading his speech.

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