Ombudsperson Weber: What happened yesterday at the Gov’t is unprecedented

Ombudsperson Renate Weber has told AGERPRES on Wednesday that what happened on Tuesday at the Government meeting is unprecedented, mentioning that all 25 Emergency Ordinances (OUG) which have been adopted are to be analysed.

“We only saw what happened yesterday at the Government and it truly is an unprecedented matter, I don’t recall any other situation in which so many emergency ordinances have been adopted in one meeting. What surprised me was the fact that some of these ordinances were aimed at texts of law which are already under parliamentary debate and already went through various stages in this debate, some of them were even supposed to be submitted to vote and then, truly, it was natural to leave the parliamentary debate and the constitutional, correct course of law to be completed. We cannot challenge all 25 at once, because it is not how it is done,” Weber said.

She mentioned that each ordinance will be analysed. “To the extent to which we will find that some of them directly or indirectly affect the fundamental rights and freedoms, we will obviously notify the Constitutional Court,” Renate Weber explained.

The Ombudsperson mentioned she would do this thing whenever she finds that the OUGs breach previous decisions of the Constitutional Court. “Obviously, for this we will have to wait to see the texts in the Official Journal,” Weber mentioned.

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